• Hydronephrosis need symptomatic treatment

    2017-07-22 15:44:12

    Hydronephrosis is the disease caused byurinary system blockage, but also kidney disease is more common in a disease. For the treatment of hydronephrosis, should takesymptomatic treatment based on the condition of hydronephrosis. For mild hydronephrosiswit...

  • How to treat diabetic nephrosis?

    2017-07-21 16:43:27

    There is no specific treatment for diabetic nephropathy. The principle of treatment is to strictly control blood sugar, to keep blood sugar close to normal level, to prevent and delay the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy, to delay the decline of renal f...

  • Early detection and early treatment for diabetic nephropathy

    2017-07-21 16:42:11

    Diabetic nephropathy can be pided into five stages. The first stage is glomerular hyperfiltration; high filtration seems showing a strong kidney function, but in fact the kidneys work overload in high filtration; it will quickly enter the second phase and...

  • How to diagnose diabetic nephrosis?

    2017-07-21 16:41:00

    How to diagnose diabetic nephrosis? In recent years, diabetic nephropathy patients are becoming more and more; early treatment for diabetic nephropathy is very important; the most important phenomenon of early diabetic nephropathy is proteinuria, then how...

  • What are the treatment methods for diabetic nephrosis?

    2017-07-19 16:41:41

    Active controlling of hypertension When the urine protein is negative or less than 1 grams /24 hours, the target value of blood pressure control should be below 130/80mmHg. Patients with urinary protein levels higher than or equal to 1 g /24 h, preferably...

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