• Method of treating renal failure with Chinese medicine

    2016-12-24 10:56:06

    Here and we introduce our hospital treatment of partial treatment of nephropathy. 1, Yu Mu with points deposited therapy: Traditional Chinese medicine prescription specific analysis of specific circumstances, dialectical treatment. Chinese t...

  • Treatment principle of chronic renal failure

    2016-12-24 10:54:34

    About chronic renal failure treatment notes this topic, is the recent some patients want to ask the disease. Under normal circumstances, as long as the patient in time to grasp the relevant knowledge in this area, I believe that patients wil...

  • Treatment of acute renal failure

    2016-12-24 10:53:18

    1 general principles: bed rest, reduce activity. Early oliguria or non urine patients, should strictly control the intake of water, sodium, according to out of the people principle. Provide adequate nutrition and calories, carbohydrate based...

  • How to treat chronic renal failure?

    2016-12-24 10:52:53

    Good skin care in patients with chronic renal failure, is an important work for prevention of skin infection, bedsore and related complications. Due to chronic renal failure patients with renal excretion of toxic substances in the body can n...

  • Traditional treatment of renal failure!

    2016-12-24 10:49:58

    1 treatment causes renal failure, such as insufficient blood supply or loss of blood, patients will be given to supplement the lost body fluids and water; if there is infection when the infection for further treatment. (commonly known as kid...

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