• Diet treatment of proteinuria

    2017-08-06 16:18:02

    According to the kinds of kidney disease or patients condition is different of leading to the proteinuria,the use of different standards of protein diet. Chronic neohritis,generally according to the normal amount of supply,adult day is 0.8 ~ 1.0 G/KG.Shou...

  • How to treat kidney atrophy?

    2017-08-02 16:47:55

    Renal atrophy refers to various causes of nephron loss or renal blood supply, cause kidney size, a physiological function of reducing anatomical phenomenon, is common in a variety of acute and chronic end-stage renal disease, renal artery stenosis, renal ...

  • Can kidney disease be treated with antibiotics?

    2017-08-02 16:37:05

    Can kidney disease be treated with antibiotics? Most of the kidney diseases are related to the immune dysfunction of the human body, and the use of a large number of immunosuppressive agents, will lead to lowerimmunity ofhuman body, which easily lead to i...

  • Understanding of the treatment of diabetic nephropathy

    2017-07-28 17:04:48

    More and more people suffering from diabetic nephropathy, for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy without delay. What do you know about the treatment of diabetic nephropathy? Here we talk about the treatment of diabetic nephropathy. Treatment of Diabeti...

  • Natural therapies for diabetic nephropathy

    2017-07-24 16:39:38

    Many people suffer from diabetic nephropathy, but they do not know much about diabetic nephropathy. Today, we should know about the natural therapies for diabetic nephropathy. Natural therapies for diabetic nephropathy. Strict control of blood sugar is th...

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