• What are the routes of dissemination of kidney cancer?

    2017-10-08 17:07:45

    Nowadays, kidney cancer is a common malignant tumor. Although it is not an incurable disease, it is still necessary to pay attention to the disease because of the metastasis of the disease. Patients with renal cancer should also pay attention to the disea...

  • What should I do to treat diabetic nephropathy?

    2017-09-21 15:50:55

    In the face of disease, the body appears extremely vulnerable, the onset of nephrotic syndrome can cause a strong attack on the human body. Sometimes I think, human life, is how little and for how long.This disease comes, feel like losing a lot of tim...

  • Hypertensive nephropathy prevention and treatment recommendations

    2017-08-23 18:09:05

    Hypertensive nephropathy has a lot of damage to the human body, so we must do a good job in prevention work, to avoid the occurrence of the disease. But if you are suffering from hypertensive nephropathy, do not worry too much, to actively cooperate with ...

  • What are the dietary treatments for hydronephrosis?

    2017-08-19 17:19:48

    Many patients with hydronephrosis after treatment, the condition has improved, but there are many patients due to improper diet and lead to recurrence or development of disease. So, how should patients with hydronephrosis eat? What are the dietary treatme...

  • Principles of surgical treatment for hydronephrosis

    2017-08-17 18:50:00

    The most common method of resection for the treatment of hydronephrosis is surgery, but surgery has certain risks, we must pay attention to the preoperative preparation, to ensure the success rate of surgery, especially bilateral hydronephrosis must pay a...

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