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Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal fail

2016-12-31 08:51
If kidney failure, the patient will be plagued by the disease, and its physical and mental pain, the family is also almost overnight to carry a heavy economic burden. However, it is not all that happens overnight, but a chronic process of development. Pay attention to early kidney problems can reduce a lot of pain, but the kidney lesion was well hidden in the initial stage of nephropathy, the symptoms are not obvious, especially with other conditions have many similarities, very easy to be misdiagnosed or not as. Renal failure is caused by various reasons in primary or secondary chronic kidney disease caused by progressive renal damage, resulting in the decline of renal function, retention of metabolic products, water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders, clinical syndrome and other serious systemic involvement. Every year millions of people die of heart disease caused by chronic kidney disease. Although dialysis and renal transplantation can improve the survival rate of the patients with terminal stage, it is not suitable for the treatment of early and middle stage.
1 sweat detox. The traditional Chinese medicine bath powder poison method is ancient and unique treatment in Chinese medicine. A: the medicated bath treatment discharge opening together, the dampness toxin from deep shallow, and the solution with sweat; two: table Xuanfei, regulating the water passage, and water swelling; three: Grooming together, regulating blood so no stagnation, to sweat can be slightly. Suitable for chronic renal failure with or without edema or skin itching.
2 way will be detoxification. Purging turbidity and detoxification method is a unique method for treatment of CRF in traditional Chinese medicine. Suitable for different stages of CRF. Commonly used drugs for rhubarb, Fructus aurantii Immaturus, or herbs, or enema. Rhubarb has become a special medicine for the treatment of chronic renal failure. Modern research has confirmed that rhubarb can effectively treat chronic renal failure and delay the development of renal failure.
3 traditional Chinese medicine enema is one of the most respected bushenqudu method, its principle is to imitate the peritoneal dialysis by diffusion and ultrafiltration, remove blood in "drowning poison".
4 diuretic detoxification. Toxic phlegm chronic renal failure within the stop, kidney decline, bladder gasification power, can not be discharged or Zhuodu, poison water overflows lead to skin edema. Advised to warm the kidney and spleen, diuretic detoxification.
5 Application of the method of umbilical cord. As one of the main points Shenque Ren, poly 100 veins, Qi and the skin and Shenque acupoint drug into shallow, strong, sustainable and fully play the pharmacological effects of herbal medicine, the clinical use of Shenque umbilical method assisted treatment of chronic renal failure. And with infrared radiation to accelerate local blood circulation, promote drug fully absorbed, also has good effect on improving symptoms.
Expert tip: in the treatment of chronic kidney disease, these treatments are very effective, we can also try to treat. But under the guidance of a lifetime.
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