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Treatment of chronic renal failure

2016-12-30 17:16
If kidney failure, the patient will be plagued by the disease, and its physical and mental pain, the family is also almost overnight to carry a heavy economic burden. However, it is not all that happens overnight, but a chronic process of development. Pay attention to early kidney problems can reduce a lot of pain, but the kidney lesion was well hidden in the initial stage of nephropathy, the symptoms are not obvious, especially with other conditions have many similarities, very easy to be misdiagnosed or not as.
The clinical manifestations of chronic renal failure include mild to moderate proteinuria and a small amount of red, white and tubular cells. Edema, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, pruritus, nocturia, hypertension, fundus changes etc.. The main positive result: check urine analysis in protein positive or positive occult blood, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, uric acid and other abnormal.
1 for three principles: early detection, early diagnosis and early intervention; protection of residual renal function, and repair the damaged tissue, remove compound, improve glomerular filtration rate; pay attention to treatment of the primary disease and complications, early intervention in medicine.
2 diet therapy: supply high calcium low phosphorus diet, such as milk, green vegetables; vitamin; low salt and low sodium: chronic renal failure complicated with hypertension and edema of patients, to limit sodium and sodium rich foods, when necessary to keep the water balance of the salt free diet; and oliguria when minimize the amount of water, including soup; supply of high quality protein, clinical, saving vegetable protein to be added with animal protein such as egg, milk, lean meat, so as to meet the body's physiological needs, and ensure adequate nutrition; chronic renal failure is high blood potassium, potassium should be limited to food, avoid eating fruit, such as bamboo shoots, carrot, celery, letinous edodes, spinach, spinach, tomatoes, bananas, peaches, winter Ru etc..
3 kidney nursed back to health: maintain adequate sleep, but don't feed and lie at bedtime and excitant food, while moody, out of trouble; first, prevention of colds, flu can aggravate the disease, make repeated illness, to adapt to climate change, to avoid the cold and wet dew; do not overwork, proper exercise any of the following circumstances, should not exercise: severe edema hypoproteinemia; the heart disease and other complications; the infection, high fever, water electrolyte disorder; the urethral calculi and obstruction; the uremic patients may be appropriate to exercise, but exercise should not be too large.
The album that chronic renal failure is a chronic disease, chronic renal failure in early symptoms are not obvious, easy to overlook, so kidney patients are in the usual time to pay attention to their physical condition, have unwell promptly to the hospital for treatment. If the conditions, then go to the hospital for medical examination every year.
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