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Advanced treatment in patients with renal failure

2016-12-24 16:48
Kidney transplantation is the best way to treat renal failure, because the kidneys transplanted into the patient can almost completely replace the exhausted kidney function, allowing patients to live a normal life.
Dialysis refers to by filtration, selectively exclude certain substances in the blood. In other words, through the artificial way the patient in renal failure after the accumulation of toxic waste, water and salt removed, so that the patient's physical condition back to health
1 the dialysis in two forms: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis is a special machine instead of kidney function. Peritoneal dialysis is the use of human peritoneum as a filter to eliminate toxins in the body.
2 temporary hemodialysis to rid the body of toxins, provide a good environment in the body for physical therapy, combined with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, which can reduce the side effects of dialysis, prolong the interval, reduce the frequency, prolong the urine
The survival time of patients with sepsis, improve the quality of life, reduce economic burden, has a good social benefits. Traditional Chinese medicine, in the treatment also has a good protection of renal function, and the role of cardiac and cerebral complications.
3 renal failure in late uremia treatment to reduce blood creatinine, urea nitrogen is generally selected hemodialysis. Hemodialysis is an important treatment for patients with chronic renal failure. At this point is to prevent uremia heart and brain complications
Because most patients with end-stage renal failure died of heart failure. If the economic conditions of patients with renal failure, this period may consider kidney transplantation, but also to be cautious.
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