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What is the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of renal

2016-12-30 17:15
Renal failure is a serious kidney disease, in the treatment of renal failure, Chinese medicine will have a more significant way. So, how to treat kidney failure? Let's look at it! Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of disease, is to take the overall concept and dialectical treatment of the idea of diagnosis and treatment.
TCM therapies: one side, individual treatment. The Chinese believe that the human body is a whole organs in the human body, and the traditional Chinese medicine for chronic renal failure with spleen and kidney in the internal organs, should belong to the Chinese medicine "consumptive disease", "off the grid", "drowning poison" category.
With the progress of research on pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine for chronic renal failure has not adhere to treatment, but the disease, syndrome differentiation, modern pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine combination of the three theory of governance. According to modern pharmacological research, it can be used as a target to abandon the toxic effects of drugs.
TCM: External Therapy of traditional Chinese medicine has a long history, "although in treatment, no special treatment in the".
1 Chinese medicine acupoint injection: acupoint injection therapy with certain Chinese medicine injection related acupuncture points of the human body, the acupuncture and medicine double stimulation of acupoint organic combination of drug retention in acupoints for long periods of time, can enhance the therapeutic effect, play the comprehensive efficiency, improve the curative effect.
2 traditional Chinese medicine colon dialysis: the introduction of a large volume of dialysis fluid into the intestinal lavage device, colon dialysis, colon drug delivery, safe, non-invasive, low cost, curative effect. As the third dialysis treatment methods after hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, the traditional Chinese medicine colon dialysis has played an increasingly important role in the treatment of chronic renal failure.
3 traditional Chinese medicine foot bath: research shows that Chinese medicine foot bath therapy can promote blood circulation, increase the blood flow of the kidney, regulate the function of viscera and so on. Traditional Chinese medicine should be selected according to different diseases, different syndromes and different seasons. It is a personalized and individualized treatment.
4 acupoint application of traditional Chinese medicine: acupoint sticking therapy of traditional Chinese medicine for chronic renal failure. With many years of experience of Chinese herbal medicine prescription compatibility into topical ointment, apply to the corresponding points, to treat a variety of kidney disease, broaden the application of traditional Chinese medicine acupoint application, good results.
5 points: ultrasonic electrotherapy electrotherapy stimulation point ultrasound effective acupoints of the human body through special frequency waves, the regulation of the human nervous system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system and immune system, promote the repair of renal function, through clinical verification can significantly decrease the serum creatinine, reduce urinary protein, improve edema and other symptoms of irritation the urinary tract in patients with recurrent urinary tract infection (frequency, urgency, urinary pain) has good effect
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