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What are the common methods for the treatment of renal failu

2016-12-30 17:15
What is the treatment of renal failure? Chronic renal failure is a chronic kidney disease recognized, renal failure, known as the "die of cancer", so far there is no fundamental solution. But with the progress of science and technology, I believe that in the near future will find a way to deal with. Everyone needs to take measures to protect their own kidneys, so that they will have enough spirit to face life, then what are the common ways to treat renal failure?
1 diet therapy. For patients with renal failure, in the treatment of renal failure, treatment should follow the principle of renal failure, in the diet with essential amino acids and more animal protein based, adult daily protein intake is about 30g.
2 general treatment. For patients with renal failure should be strengthened for the treatment of kidney disease, with medical treatment work actively, in life to reduce the work, to avoid the cold, wet and overwork, prevent colds, do not use drug damage to the kidneys.
3 correction of metabolic acidosis. For patients with toxic substances should be avoided, by correcting water, electrolyte imbalance improved, also be added with sodium bicarbonate, daily 4 ~ 8g, 2 ~ 4 times a day.
4 removal of predisposing factors. The patient should be removed due to various causes such as acute kidney failure, vomiting, fever, electrolyte imbalance and drug induced renal toxicity is not uncommon.
This is a common treatment for renal failure. And the stage of renal failure can occur in a series of manifestations: oliguria. The decrease in urine volume results in the occurrence of hyperkalemia, water intoxication (severe edema, elevated blood pressure, pulmonary edema or cerebral edema), metabolic acidosis and acute uremia. Hyperkalemia and water intoxication were the main causes of death. The amount of urine increased gradually after the regeneration and repair of renal tubular epithelial cells, resulting in the decrease of serum potassium and sodium, and the patients with persistent polyuria could die from dehydration and electrolyte disorder. The urine volume was reduced to normal after polyuria, and the serum levels of Bun, creatinine (Scr) and electrolytes were returned to normal level. However, the recovery of renal tubular function and structure was still 3 to 6 months. Failure to return to chronic renal failure. Although the urine volume is not many, but the blood Bun, Scr day by day and the emergence of symptoms of poisoning, due to kidney damage, so the prognosis is good.
The occurrence and development of renal failure is a certain law, everyone in the usual time must observe their physical condition, when what physical discomfort should be timely to the hospital for examination, then the system of treatment. In the absence of renal failure, we must always do a good job of prevention, to extend the arrival time of renal failure.
Experts suggest that in patients with renal failure, not only need to take timely scientific treatment, should also take active nursing measures, as it can be to keep his kidney had a huge change, at the same time people if you want to avoid being in patients with renal failure, so we must pay more attention to the disease of renal failure. For the treatment of this disease, renal failure, if necessary, can be treated by dialysis.
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