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Renal failure and some treatment methods

2016-12-24 16:14
In many patients with a friend after renal failure, will feel very painful, it is difficult to find a suitable treatment. The following experts on renal failure to introduce what treatment, Greece
Hope to help patients with kidney disease.
1, blood purification therapy: employing methods instead of lost renal function, so that blood purification, to maintain patient life.
2, heart failure: correct and remove incentives, treatment with dialysis and hemofiltration the most effective.
3, diet therapy: for patients with hyperlipidemia and uremia should be given a low protein diet, and contain essential amino acids more animal protein, adult daily protein intake of about 30g.
4, protein synthesis hormone therapy.
5, correct water, electrolyte imbalance.
6, general treatment: in renal insufficiency compensatory period, should actively treat the original disease, prevent the development of uremia. In azotemia should be treated, to reduce the work, to avoid the cold, wet and overwork,
Prevent colds, do not use kidney damage drugs. There have been uremic symptoms, should rest and treatment.
7, removal of predisposing factors: various infections are common predisposing factors.
8, correction of metabolic acidosis: mild metabolic acidosis, by correcting water, electrolyte imbalance improved, also be added with sodium bicarbonate, daily 4 ~ 8g, 2 ~ 4 times a day.
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