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How traditional Chinese medicine treats chronic renal failur

2016-12-24 16:13
Modern medical treatment of chronic renal failure is mainly a variety of blood purification, but not the most effective treatment of chronic renal failure. Chinese medicine in fact, treatment of renal failure is very effective. Let's get down to the kidney
Home to introduce, we are how to use micro traditional Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure.
Patients with early manifestations of nocturia, polyuria, urine weight loss, etc.; advanced urinary volume gradually reduced, high blood pressure, anemia, uremia, acidosis and other manifestations, and renal function test is not normal. Chronic renal failure
The risk of hypertension, anemia, osteomalacia and parathyroid hyperactivity from. Chronic renal failure develops into end-stage renal failure to the end of the period, when artificial kidney assist therapy.
If there is a drug for renal fibrosis, for patients with renal ischemia, hypoxia, inflammation, coagulation mechanisms, extracellular matrix production and degradation of imbalances play a role in eliminating these factors.
Even if the condition has entered patients with chronic renal failure, can also make the condition to maximize recovery.
Micro Chinese medicine, is specialized in renal fibrosis to play a pharmacodynamic role of the drug system. Micro traditional Chinese medicine is a traditional Chinese medicine after micro treatment, and according to traditional Chinese medicine "internal disease treatment" traditional concept, with the help of Medicine
The penetration of the electronic pulse of the instrument penetrates into the kidney from the lumbar region of the patient, exerts the function of expanding blood vessels, anti inflammation, anticoagulation, regulating the balance of extracellular matrix formation and degradation, and blocking the continuous progress of renal fibrosis. meanwhile
Also, the electronic pulse stimulation to clear the meridians, acupoints of patients with waist to traditional Chinese medicine, dredge the meridians, Qi and blood, regulate viscera function, so as to improve the patients' physical fitness, enhance the patient's resistance to disease,
It plays an important role in the repair of damaged renal cells and renal cells. Chronic renal failure how to treat, if chronic renal failure patients adhere to the micro traditional Chinese medicine treatment at the same time, Kennedy
The daily life must be scientific, good treatment effect.
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