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Mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine for treating renal

2016-12-30 11:15
In the treatment of patients with chronic renal failure, a kidney disease hospital mainly uses micro Chinese medicine penetration therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a systematic treatment of renal fibrosis, which is based on the latest diagnostic theory of kidney disease. Its core technology is the treatment of kidney disease after the treatment of Chinese medicine, and then evenly placed in the two kidney area, with micro therapeutic apparatus for infiltration. Treatment of renal failure with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine symptomatic treatment, if necessary, the use of hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis treatment, but this is only an auxiliary measure, not the key to treatment. Summary of the treatment of renal failure in general, are described as follows:
1, the treatment of chronic renal failure, first of all for the cause of treatment
Treatment for the cause is from the source of treatment of renal failure. Renal failure is due to various causes of renal inherent cell deformation and damage. Together with glomerular renal failure as an example, we can explain the methods of treatment: glomerular disease is an autoimmune disease, its predisposing factors are often composed of antigen or antibody binding to form immune complexes, and deposited in glomeruli (immune complexes). The involvement of inflammatory mediators such as complement, interleukin, reactive oxygen species, and so on. In practice, the following measures are taken:
(1) expand renal artery, increase the effective perfusion of glomerulus, renal tubule and renal interstitium, accelerate the feeding of damaged I, and alleviate the hypoxia.
(2) by speeding up the rate of blood flow and through sufficient support, it can inhibit the chemotaxis and infiltration of a series of inflammatory factors, and prevent the abnormal release of activated inflammatory cells.
(3) by speeding up the feeding method, the endothelial cells are not activated to inhibit the formation of micro bonds.
(4) to dilate the systemic artery to reduce and relieve the systemic pressure, especially to reduce the glomerular pressure and to reduce the state of glomerular hypertension.
Clinical observation of reality, through the implementation of the above four treatment measures, the normal metabolism of the glomerular function is activated, when the glomerular condition improved, the function of the whole kidney will be improved
2, the treatment of chronic renal failure, followed by the treatment of the disease process
The development of chronic renal failure, which is the gradual reduction of effective renal units, the process of continuous loss of renal function. In this process, the kidneys gradually atrophy, a large number of glomerulosclerosis, tubulointerstitial fibrosis. Therefore, the process of renal failure, that is, the degree of fibrosis in the process of deepening. It is of great significance to effectively control the progression of renal disease to uremia.
The formation of renal fibrosis, the synthesis and accumulation of extracellular matrix play a key role. Excessive accumulation of extracellular matrix leads to loss of renal tissue and function. In this process, a large number of muscle fibroblasts produce the main role in the synthesis of extracellular matrix. In order to block the process of renal fibrosis, it is necessary to prevent the transformation of fibroblasts into myofibroblasts. Break the hospital difficult to degrade the synthesis of collagen, the mechanism is that Chinese medicine active substance in the human body and muscle fibroblast molecules close fusion (valence molecular binding), after the fusion of myofibroblast component degradation, promote myofibroblast cracking and crushing. The cracked and broken muscle fibroblasts were engulfed by phagocytes or excreted into fragments.
Aiming at the core of the disease process for the treatment of renal failure is blocking renal fibrosis and the deterioration of the chain, key chain blocking renal fibrosis deterioration is found can prevent normal cells into muscle fiber cells into drugs.
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