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Chronic renal failure, combined treatment of Chinese and Wes

2016-12-31 10:00

Chronic renal failure (CRF) is a progressive deterioration of renal function and renal function caused by a variety of primary renal diseases or other diseases. When renal function damage to internal environment can not maintain the balance of body, the body will lead to toxic metabolites accumulation, water and electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders, and the emergence of a series of clinical symptoms.
Mild inflammation such as chronic pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, repeated
Onset of kidney damage, scarring, decreased renal function, resulting in chronic renal failure. Chronic diseases such as kidney stones, high blood pressure, and rare drug induced kidney disease can also lead to chronic nephritis.
Patients with early manifestations of nocturia, polyuria, urine specific gravity and so on; late urinary volume gradually reduced, the occurrence of hypertension, anemia, uremia, acidosis and other performance, and renal function test is not normal. Chronic renal failure is associated with high blood pressure, anemia, osteomalacia, and hyperparathyroidism. Chronic renal failure to end-stage renal failure.
[appropriate and avoid]
1, do not take any drugs before discussing the risks associated with the doctor.
2, to give a low protein diet. Edema and high blood pressure, should be low salt diet. Early without swelling, urine volume, should drink more water. Late edema, oliguria, should limit the amount of drinking water.
3, pay attention to rest, prevent colds, smoking drinking, sexual restraint.
Psychological self help in patients with chronic renal failure"
With the deterioration of renal function, the patient is not only the loss of physical health, but also mental health. Because of renal failure gradually inevitably accompanied by physical impairment, anemia and anemia worsens, the deterioration of the physical decline, that feeling will become every patient the pain inside. Plus for a completely unknown future dialysis fears, and after a long illness and feel your body is not as good as people feel. The side effects of dialysis, of course, are obvious, such as more than 99% of women who undergo dialysis will lose the ability to produce, which can cause severe depression in certain age groups.
It may be true, but things are not so pessimistic. Although renal failure after physical strength will be as good as normal, but rely on erythropoietin efficacy, as long as enough doses of injection can correct anemia most, of course, is good for the patient's physical strength, through the combined Chinese and Western medicine treatment, take comprehensive treatment to "NiaoDoling" series as the core, some patients can even in general people are often afraid to try to work such as weightlifting, blacksmith etc..
Some friends of the kidney is afraid to go to another place will lead to dialysis and other side effects. In fact, the one or two wash is not clean will not cause damage to the body, if there is no doubt that the appropriate physical and mental health can be adjusted. .
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