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A brief understanding of the treatment of renal failure

2016-12-30 10:14
Renal failure can be divided into acute and chronic, acute renal failure disease progress rapidly, usually due to insufficient supply of renal blood flow (such as trauma or burn), renal obstruction caused by dysfunction due to certain factors or by poison damage caused by acute renal failure. Chronic renal failure is the main cause of long-term renal disease, with the time and the disease, the gradual decline in renal function, resulting in the occurrence of renal failure. So how to treat renal failure?
1, the original disease, after the onset of treatment - to block the kidney damage to the underlying disease
Renal failure is a slow process of development: the basis of disease - damage to kidney - intact nephron reduction - renal dysfunction, renal failure, such as timely removal of basic diseases caused by renal failure aggravated, often can make the recovery of renal function damage to the level before, to delay or block the renal dysfunction the process has an important role in protecting the health of residual renal function. The general hospital is the way of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine, carried out theoretical research and clinical practice from simple syndrome differentiation, syndrome differentiation, staging of disease and syndrome differentiation, single drug research, into treatment, in the treatment, the TCM syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation combined treatment for basic disease and evil factors such as infection, dehydration and low blood volume, hypertension, heart failure, water electrolyte and acid-base imbalance in western medicine, the treatment effect is better, to be in stable condition, and then to cure the main Chinese medicine, combined with western medicine in treatment of organic phase in.
2, water and electrolyte acid-base imbalance treatment - symptomatic treatment to correct metabolic imbalance and stable renal function
Renal glomerular sclerosis, tubular atrophy, interstitial fibrosis pathological features, clinical manifestations with these pathological changes shown are the main metabolic waste retention, acid-base imbalance and water quality of xie. I think the hospital to correct the metabolic imbalance of Chinese and Western medicine treatment more effective, such as Esit from the gastrointestinal absorption of creatinine and uric acid and other toxic substances, to reduce serum creatinine and uric acid; correcting method or by acid or alkali, reducing calcium and potassium diuretic to improve the quality of pH and hydropower Xie balance, or the use of erythropoietin erythropoietin and iron preparations to correct the anemia, adding Chinese medicine in the treatment of adjustment measures, consolidate curative effect.
3, hair disease and infection treatment - fine treatment of primary disease control complications
Renal failure need to adhere to the long-term treatment, from decompensated renal function progression to end-stage uremia accompanied by blood system disease, neuromuscular diseases, endocrine system diseases and other system disorders, in addition, the study pointed out that 82.6% of the patients not died due to kidney failure, malignant complications caused by kidney failure and death but.
4, to block the process of fibrosis - treatment for the treatment of renal fibrosis
Kidney fiber have the same process but also change the renal structure and function, renal ischemia, renal vasospasm coarctation, immune complex deposition and kidney inflammation are important factors that cause fibrosis, according to the causes of renal fibrosis, were treated with iontophoresis treatment for symptomatic series prescription the pathological injury of kidney disease, is a kind of effective method to block fibrosis at present. The dilation of blood vessels, improve body microcirculation, promote cells to reverse healthy tissue phenotype after correction of vascular spasm, coarctation, ensure intravascular diastolic and systolic dynamic balance, blocking the renal function damaged cells to injury.
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