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How to prevent and treat renal failure

2016-12-30 09:04
Skin infection and upper respiratory tract infection is the cause of acute nephritis, kidney disease is an important factor in recurrent and exacerbation. For example, the cold is a very negative impact on patients with renal failure, can aggravate the damage of renal function, and kidney disease patients due to poor resistance, very easy to catch a cold.
Two, patients should avoid fatigue transition, to ensure proper rest
For patients with renal failure should pay attention to rest, proper rest is an important means to improve the condition. Patients should should pay attention to general activity, mild abnormal urine nephropathy recovery period, to avoid excessive physical labor. Patients with severe symptoms, such as severe edema, a large number of proteinuria, gross hematuria, severe infection, severe renal anemia, etc., should stay in bed, in order to facilitate the remission and stability of the disease.
Under normal circumstances, there will be 75% of the urea nitrogen excreted from the urine, the urea nitrogen excretion of 25%, so that the blood urea nitrogen to maintain a balance. Therefore, to maintain smooth stool to protect the kidneys, reduce the burden on the kidneys is also very useful. Usually more water, frequent urination, defecate unobstructed, eat fresh fruits, vegetables, can help defecation.
The culprit: renal failure secondary nephropathy
Patients with chronic kidney disease, such as hypertension, diabetes, gout, usually only pay attention to lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, uric acid and other diseases of the original treatment, but ignored the chronic damage of these diseases on the kidney. The main function of the kidneys is to excrete waste water and regulate the balance of water electrolyte and acid-base balance and maintain the homeostasis of the organism.
Suffering from hypertension, diabetes, gout and other chronic kidney disease patients, usually to review regularly to the Department of Nephrology, illness, changes of urine routine and renal function monitoring, not because there is no obvious systemic edema and discomfort the neglect of regular inspection and treatment, many patients even have luck, that asymptomatic proteinuria, the urine can not take it seriously, once the incidence of renal injury in chronic, the damage from light to heavy, continuous progress, until completely failure so far.
Into the late stage of uremia, the whole system will be affected, heart failure, mental disorders, coma and other serious cases, life-threatening. For patients with advanced disease, dialysis or kidney transplantation must be used to replace the damaged kidney to sustain life, with high costs and poor quality of life.
Therefore, suffering from hypertension, diabetes, gout and other chronic kidney disease patients regularly to kidney specialist referral, for the early and middle stages of chronic kidney disease patients and chronic renal dysfunction, combined therapy with traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, has the advantages of good curative effect and little side effects.
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