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Female renal failure treatment

2016-12-30 08:27
The Chinese medicine has anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, inhibit glomerular mesangial cell proliferation and extracellular matrix accumulation in kidney, anti renal fibrosis and lipid, antioxidant, anticoagulation and many other effects. Micro Chinese medicine therapy with a way to effective treatment of renal failure, it can by adjusting the immune function, repair of glomerular basement membrane, the effective components of drugs after acupoint soaked spread to the kidneys and to renal collaterals, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, turbidity detoxification way to dredge kidney, kidney function to activate. To promote and improve the microcirculation of kidney was atrophy and necrosis, accelerate the kidney The new supersedes the old. the effective component of the medicine, in full play a role in repair of damaged glomeruli, strengthen glomerular reabsorption, restore normal physiological function of the kidney, the treatment of chronic renal failure from basically, so that the creatinine of natural land.
Patients with fatigue, poor spirit, urine color clear, nearly white open color, smell of urine, well appetite, frequent urination at night. After admission for patients with high toxin, to do dialysis, to alleviate the impact of high toxin on the body, but to the patients and their families refused, clear structure, function of the kidney, and the risk of patients, with the treatment of patients with positive, according to the patient's condition and the actual situation to take a combination of Chinese and Western treatment. During the period of hospitalization, patients to explain in detail the diet, and inform the improper diet possible condition changes, such as hypocalcemia, etc..
In patients with micro Chinese medicine during the treatment, patients to repeatedly explain the micro effect of traditional Chinese medicine, causes kidney disease in renal ischemia and hypoxia started the process of inflammation and fibrosis, resulting in renal cell injury, so as to affect the structure and function of normal kidneys. Micro Chinese medicine by promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis removal, repair three new process, gradually provide superior living environment good kidney, renal cell structure and cell function.
During the treatment of patients in our hospital, the complexion and the end of the fingers gradually rosy, urine color deepened, the number of nocturia decreased gradually, day and night urine volume gradually normal, suggesting that the patient's renal function in the recovery.
Analysis: in the end kidney deficiency and nephritis, renal failure is not the same thing?
Kidney expert unscramble: in the end "kidney" and "nephritis", "kidney failure" is not the same thing?
Kidney deficiency
"Kidney deficiency" is the Chinese statement, basically is according to the patient's symptoms, through the "look" and "smell", "ask", "cut" the four syndrome. And the Chinese medicine refers to the "kidney" is a very wide range of physiological functions, and human reproduction, growth and development, digestion, endocrine metabolism, there is a direct or indirect relationship between the important organs. Therefore, the "kidney deficiency" has become a broad concept, including the urinary system, reproductive system, endocrine and metabolic system, nervous system and digestive system, blood, respiratory and other diseases related to many systems.
Kidney deficiency symptoms such as many mental performance: memory, attention; emotional performance as irritability, irritability, anxiety and depression; sexual function as follows: sexual dysfunction, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, premature ovarian hyposexuality, spermatorrhea and spermatorrhoea, premature ejaculation; Urology performance: frequent micturition, urine, urine clear long wait.
Nephritis is a variety of glomerular diseases caused by proteinuria, hematuria, edema, high blood pressure as the clinical manifestations of the disease, through the urine test can be diagnosed, belong to the scope of Western medicine. The incidence of this disease is higher in male youth, and some of the patients with severe disease are progressive chronic renal failure.
renal failure
Acute renal failure is caused by a variety of causes of kidney function in the short term (hours to weeks) flash rapidly progressive decline, causing clinical nitrogen retention, water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders as the main manifestations of the syndrome, referred to as acute renal failure.
Therefore, the kidney is not nephritis, renal failure". Of course, they may also have a cross, that is, the symptoms of kidney deficiency is not necessarily nephritis, renal failure, and no kidney deficiency symptoms do not necessarily have no nephritis, renal failure". If you say that the traditional Chinese medicine, kidney deficiency, you can do a simple urine routine examination, blood to check a kidney function in order to exclude nephritis, renal failure".
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