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Diagnosis and treatment of renal failure

2016-12-29 19:12
Early diagnosis of drug associated acute renal failure is the key to the prognosis of patients. Therefore, for unexplained acute renal failure patients pay attention to detail about the history of drug allergy history, is extremely important to suspicious cases immediately stopped to observe suspicious drugs, when necessary, timely often contributes to the diagnosis of renal biopsy. In our hospital, a total of 125 cases were diagnosed by renal biopsy. The analysis found that the need to rely on the renal biopsy patients, mostly lack of typical clinical manifestations, original glomerular disease or both renal tubule and renal interstitial lesions; and to those who showed typical acute tubular necrosis and acute interstitial nephritis, as long as the physician can diagnose the clinical alert.
Drug treatment method for the treatment of renal failure renal failure, drug treatment of renal failure has not yet been popularized, the clinical treatment of renal failure is generally divided into acute renal failure and chronic renal failure and two types respectively, here is to introduce the treatment of acute renal failure:
The first is to eliminate the cause of disease. Crush injury in earthquake or other accidents caused, often caused by acute renal failure, human tissue is squeezed by long time, a large area of tissue necrosis, should be timely incision debridement, reduce toxin, myoglobin and potassium ion absorption, in order to reduce pathogenic factors caused by the vicious spiral, acute renal failure is possible the outcome. Blood loss and dehydration caused by acute renal failure, blood transfusion and infusion (as soon as possible, make blood pressure rise, count every minute and second) to ensure a sufficient amount of kidney perfusion, sometimes, patients can quickly have urine, his condition improved rapidly, but still no blood pressure after correction of urine produced, the sodium and water retention performance, should be immediately reduce the amount of infusion, and strictly control the amount of water, do as the principle of keeping patients in weight, or a day to reduce 0.5kg as well, serious infection, acute renal failure resulting in toxic shock, should use effective antibiotic treatment, infection appropriate surgical treatment is necessary.
Severe acute renal failure, heart failure and pulmonary edema should be timely oxygen and use of cardiac medications, hyperkalemia can usually be caused by cardiac arrest, biochemical test of ECG T wave tip or blood that should be hyperkalemia, emergency treatment, use of basic drugs, intravenous injection of calcium gluconate, potassium can reduce the toxicity of intravenous hypertonic glucose plus insulin, make potassium ion temporarily into cells, also can alleviate the condition. However, the best treatment for acute renal failure is hemodialysis.
Acute renal failure is a sudden onset of rapid progression of kidney disease, if appropriate treatment of sudden death, renal function can be recovered from the onset of acute renal failure to the renal function recovered, it takes about 2 weeks to 4 weeks, at this stage, most of the patients need dialysis to sustain life. In acute injury when we must be timely treatment, so you can do as much as possible to reduce the degree of kidney damage.
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