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What does the traditional Chinese and Western medicine treat

2016-12-29 10:16
The failure of some or all of the kidneys. Therefore, patients should be early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, the impact of the disease to the human body and harm to a minimum. Here we introduce the treatment of renal failure in Western medicine.
Western medicine treatment
Acute renal failure, acute:
1 treatment for the cause, such as the expansion of correct prerenal factors, relieve renal obstruction factors after severe rapidlyprogressive glomerulonephritis or other hormone impact can obtain effect, allergic interstitial nephritis should immediately stop using drugs, given anti allergy drugs.
2 as soon as possible to carry out dialysis therapy, dehydration, removal of toxins, correct electrolyte imbalance and acid-base imbalance of the function, so that patients with too little difficulty. Strict monitoring of water and electrolyte balance during diuresis to prevent dehydration and electrolyte disorders. During recovery period, it is very important to pay attention to strengthen nutrition, rest and avoid the use of nephrotoxic drugs.
3 oliguria period, the amount of liquid into the volume into the principle of.
4 correct hyperkalemia and acidosis.
Two, chronic renal failure:
1 with calcium phosphate binders of calcium carbonate or traditional Chinese medicine Shengu capsule to correct hypocalcemia and hyperphosphatemia, vitamin D3 can reduce hyperparathyroidism osteopathia.
2 remove incentives, symptomatic treatment, infection control and correct water, electrolyte disorders and acidosis.
3 application of erythropoietin subcutaneous or intravenous injection, 3 times a week, while taking iron anemia can be corrected quickly.
4 non dialysis therapy. Low protein and low phosphorus diet can delay the progression of disease. According to the renal function of protein intake, including high-quality protein (eggs, milk, lean meat, etc.) accounted for 50% ~ 70%. Calories should be 146 thousand and 300 Jiao / kg / day, limiting the proportion of vegetable protein to wheat starch potato or corn starch instead of rice, noodles staple food. Supplementation of essential amino acids to increase protein synthesis, improve the nutritional status of low protein diet and low immune status, and can reduce blood phosphorus. Oral administration of Rhubarb decoction or enema could decrease Bun effect on mild uremia. Oral adsorption of oxidized starch, can be combined with urea or nitrogen in the intestinal tract to discharge with feces, reduce Bun. Oral Mannitol can also reduce Bun and Scr, but not in critically ill patients.
Chinese medicine treatment
It is generally believed that the main cause of this disease is related to spleen and kidney deficiency, and the incentive is the responsibility of external evils and overwork. One is evil, because most of the patients by the development of Feng Shui, some patients have no history of Feng Shui, but repeated infection of wind heat and damp heat history; the deficiency of Zang Fu, due to the impact of other chronic diseases, acquired dystrophy, six congenitally deficient, with seven invasion, injury, damage, overfatigue and sexual medicine the festival as well as the kidney deficiency or old kidney failure from various reasons such as weakened body resistance, decrease the resistance, imbalance of yin and Yang, the external heat and damp heat to invade the internal organs caused by.
Prescription of traditional Chinese Medicine
[name] slow renal failure prescription.
[composition] block (first decoct) cooked with 9 ~ 15 grams of ginger Pinellia 9 ~ 15 grams of rhubarb (after) 6 ~ 15 grams of Perilla 30 grams to 30 grams of mung bean 15 sets 15 ~ 30 grams to 60 grams of snow in June 30 ~ 30 grams dangshen 12 Sichuan Coptis 3 grams of licorice 6 grams Atractylodes 12 G.
[usage] water to be warm, sub service.
[method] warming kidney and invigorating spleen, fuzhengjiangzhuo.
[Objective] to study the pathogenesis of chronic renal insufficiency caused by uremia and uremia.
[] and vomiting than that from Pinellia tuber generation Jiang Banxia, 9 to 12 grams, or qi deficiency plus moxibustion Astragalus 15 ~ 30 grams, if the conditions can take ginseng 6 ~ 12 grams, fried thick generation were higher; urea nitrogen additive rhubarb and calcined keel, calcined oyster, snow in June 30 grams, cooked with 12 grams, Decoction to 150 ml, retention enema. And 16 ml of Salvia miltiorrhiza injection can be added into the 5% glucose solution.
Renal failure may appear bone pain, walking difficulties symptoms, then it will seriously affect the patient's daily life. And may also have sexual dysfunction, then the quality of life of patients will decline, the couple's feelings will have a certain impact.
Expert tip: we must be responsible for their own health, once suffering from renal failure, you need to be treated immediately, the degree of damage to the disease to a minimum.
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