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What are the treatment of kidney disease?

2016-12-28 15:24
I believe we have the kidney disease common disease must not strange, renal failure is a common disease in kidney disease, it gives us life and health have a serious impact, people's psychological pressure had renal failure are often large, renal failure will typically show damage, kidney failure in people's great, when got kidney failure in order to avoid the renal failure was further aggravated, and you need to know about the complications of the treatment, and timely treatment, so as to ensure the treatment of renal failure in the shortest time effectively. So what are the effective measures for the treatment of renal failure?
The general treatment method for patients with renal failure should be strengthened for the treatment of kidney disease, with medical treatment work actively, in life to reduce the work, to avoid the cold, wet and overwork, prevent colds, do not use drug damage to the kidneys.
Removing predisposing factors: patients should be removed due to various causes such as acute kidney failure, vomiting, fever, electrolyte imbalance and drug induced renal toxicity is not uncommon.
Correction of metabolic acidosis in patients with toxic substances should be avoided, by correcting water, electrolyte imbalance improved, also be added with sodium bicarbonate, daily 4 ~ 8g, 2 ~ 4 times a day.
Kidney transplantation: some patients with end-stage kidney failure, requiring long-term dialysis treatment, for patients in itself, kidney transplantation (kidney) can bring a better quality of life for patients; but the transplant is a big project, although the current medical technology has been quite good, still need to do a lot of beforehand assessment, in order to improve the probability of successful kidney transplant.
A reasonable diet is very important for patients with chronic renal failure, metabolic waste is mainly excreted through kidney, due to impairment of renal function in patients with chronic renal failure is gradually developed and irreversible, will inevitably lead to metabolic waste retention, and retention of waste in turn to various organs, the system of the human body form a vicious spiral, reciprocal causation, aggravating illness. Chronic renal failure patients with a reasonable diet, help to reduce the retention of metabolic waste, delaying the process of chronic renal failure and deterioration. For patients with renal failure, in the course of the treatment of renal failure, should follow the principles of treatment of renal failure, in the diet on the human body essential amino acids and more animal protein.
Expert tip: salt is often not absolute, should be based on the actual situation of the patient. As long as there is edema in patients with kidney disease, it is necessary to limit the intake of salt. Edema, should be limited to 1 grams a day, even for salt free diet. The purpose of a low salt diet is to reduce the body's water, sodium retention, edema and blood pressure decline. Diet must be light. In terms of fruits and vegetables, kidney patients, if the normal urine volume, urine and renal failure, renal failure diet should eat more vegetables, fruits, in order to provide adequate vitamin. Such as patients with reduced urine volume, especially less than 500 ml per day, it is necessary to selectively eat vegetables and fruits. Because vegetables and fruits are generally rich in potassium, while patients with nephropathy and urine, serum potassium levels are elevated. Potassium is too high, can lead to cardiac arrest, life-threatening.
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