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Renal failure has these 2 treatment methods

2016-12-28 15:20
Kidney failure is a very serious kidney disease, but also the world to overcome the problem, it will affect people's lives, affect life, family, then you know how to treat renal failure? Follow the following kidney experts together to understand it.
1, the correct treatment
The treatment of renal failure is a difficult point, at present, the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment is better. As the process of renal failure is the process of worsening kidney, blocking the deterioration of renal cells is the basic point of treatment of renal failure.
Can adopt the method of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine will break the hard outer shell molecules, will direct the action of traditional Chinese medicine on the damaged kidney cells by oral administration of classical prescription, moxibustion, rectal instillation, sticking medicine and other methods to eliminate proteinuria and hematuria,
Edema, high blood pressure and other symptoms, improve the kidney environment, delay the renal function of progressive failure, restore the body's immune balance, cure disease.
2, adhere to the treatment
The treatment of renal failure to insist, can not give up halfway. Comprehensive treatment of renal failure treatment can improve the quality of life in patients with renal replacement therapy. The body of patients with chronic renal failure is in a very complex state of pathophysiology
Dirty alternative treatment can be solved in one fell swoop.
Especially the development of advanced clinical appear involves many organs and systems injury syndrome, the condition is complex, be the most changeful, to a clinical treatment, a drug treatment. Chinese and Western medicine combined with multiple interventions,
It is beneficial to the treatment of chronic renal failure.
Renal failure to pay attention to medication safety
Most people with chronic renal failure patients have some residual renal function in daily life, if can protect their residual renal function, can reduce the frequency of dialysis, but also conducive to reduce the incidence of heart failure, maintenance
Balance of water and electrolyte.
Treatment of chronic renal failure patients must wish to listen to your doctor, because many drugs and poisons have damage to the kidney, blind medication, even small cold medicines can not be ignored. Such as cold pass, mannitol, fast run, contrast agent,
Aminoglycoside antibiotics, anti tuberculosis drugs in Li Fuping, doxorubicin and 5-fluorouracil etc. these drugs will cause damage to the kidneys, as well as in traditional Chinese medicine Guanmutong and kangfangchi, and poison in fish bile, mercury
So, in this remind the majority of patients, must have a correct understanding of renal failure treatment technique, active treatment, get rid of kidney disease.
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