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How to treat acute renal failure after burn?

2016-12-28 09:33
Acute renal failure is mainly due to various causes in short time (hours to weeks) a sharp decline in renal function and clinical syndrome. The main clinical manifestations of renal failure is the accumulation of nitrogenous wastes, regulation of water and electrolyte
Acid-base disorders and systemic complications. The mortality of acute renal failure is relatively high, the recent proposed acute renal injury provides an objective standard for the diagnosis of acute renal failure, which is helpful to the early diagnosis of acute renal failure.
Broken and treatment. Burn patients lost large amounts of water and electrolyte in the renal tissue perfusion decrease, large loss of body fluid, then the problem, the water lost much, renal perfusion is not less, will not increase
Kidney burden, cause renal failure.
Steps / methods:
1 burn patients due to a substantial loss of water and electrolytes, cause water and electrolyte imbalance, causing serious acid poisoning, cause kidney damage, and the emergence of a series of symptoms, and treatment for such disease is mainly liquid infusion
By adding a large amount of intravenous fluids and electrolytes to patients with mild glomerular filtration rate decline and good renal tissue, the blood flow can be rapidly restored, renal function can be quickly restored.
2 positive treatment reversible factors cause the cause of renal failure, such as burn skin care, according to the patient's own situation bandaging, or as soon as possible to take surgical treatment. Patients with heart failure, excessive blood loss, active treatment, fill
Congestive volume, while avoiding nephrotoxic drugs. Active rehydration, attention to the occurrence of hyperkalemia, if the general treatment can not be controlled, dialysis should be treated.
3 monitor patients without dialysis treatment indications, as soon as possible to remove excess moisture in the body and correction of uremic toxins, hyperkalemia and metabolic acidosis in a stable environment within the body, help liquid protein and calories and other nutrition
Substance intake is conducive to the repair of kidney cells. For the control of renal failure, and make the burn symptoms to be controlled, the recovery period should focus on maintaining the body's water, electrolytes and acid-base balance, control nitrogen.
Have dialysis patients should adhere to the post dialysis renal function recovered gradually, normal urine patients may need special treatment in patients with chronic renal failure, should pay attention to regular follow-up, pay attention to avoid bed rest should reduce renal patients with nephrotoxic drugs
Dirty burden can eat patients pay attention to quality protein intake, in addition should pay attention to protein intake, not too much.
The burn is in daily life to avoid the incidence of burn, can reduce the incidence of renal failure, Why not?.
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