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Prevention and treatment of acute renal failure

2016-12-27 13:48
Prevention and treatment of acute renal failure
If you do not want to or extend to the stage of acute renal failure, it is necessary to actively pre prevention.
Prevention of acute renal failure is mainly to prevent and cure primary disease, avoid and eliminate induced factors is the root of prevention. Therefore, pay attention to the following 3 points:
Prevention and control in time: once induced the occurrence of acute renal failure of the original disease, should be treated early, pay attention to expand blood volume, correct water, electrolyte disorders and acid-base imbalance, restore circulatory function. If it is found that the disease will occur, should take early measures to supplement the blood volume, increase cardiac output, the recovery of renal perfusion flow and glomerular filtration rate, eliminate intratubular obstruction, prevention of infection, prevention of renal parenchyma caused by renal ischemia damage, dic. At the same time as soon as possible the application of Huoxue Huayu drugs, to prevent the occurrence of this disease has a positive effect.
Prevention of poisoning: 20% ~ 50% of acute renal failure caused by drugs, and some due to exposure to harmful substances. Therefore, we should try to avoid the use and exposure to kidney toxic drugs or poisons. If accidental taking or contact should be found and treated early.
The recuperation of the five internal organs, usually living, diet, pay attention to hygiene, avoid evil, especially in the infectious disease epidemic season and regions should strengthen preventive measures; but eat spicy Atsumi things, to prevent the breeding of damp heat; regulating emotions, maintain a happy, make blood unobstructed and avoid the occurrence of Qi stagnation and blood stasis; strengthen sports exercise, improve the body's defenses.
Acute renal failure in the treatment of polyuria, because GFR has not yet recovered, so still should be based on the principle of oliguria treatment. When the number of days after the urine >1000ml/d, blood urea nitrogen will gradually decline, this time must pay attention to water loss and occurrence of hypokalemia. For daily urine volume of 5 ~ 10L, the best treatment method is: with half volume isotonic saline supplement urine output, until urea nitrogen decreased to 21.4 ~ 25mmol/L. Such as blood urea nitrogen <21.4mmol/L, even if body fluids are negative balance and weight loss, should not be a large amount of fluid replacement. But if the patient is thirsty, free drinking water. Even if you must rehydration, daily only fill around 2L. Because at this time the kidney in recovery function, can make the body no longer dehydrate, and basically does not happen forced solute diuretic, so patients will not dehydrate.
The treatment of acute renal failure in recovery period of Chinese medicine, this period mainly according to the patient's condition to strengthen health and increase the amount of activity, selection of Chinese medicine treatment, avoid the use of nephrotoxic drugs. Such as the spleen qi with the curative effect of six gentlemen; Kidney Yang with Jinkuishenqi pill; Yin deficiency with rehmannia six.
The above is about the prevention of acute renal failure and acute renal failure on the treatment of polyuria period and recovery period, in the process of the treatment of kidney disease expert tips to regular review, when sick promptly to the hospital.
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