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How to treat Nephropathy with urinary occult Blood?

2018-01-04 17:21

Urine occult blood is checked by urine routine, and there is a red blood cell in the urine routine. If the red blood cells increase (normal is negative), in terms of its number, a minority can be called urinary occult blood, and urinary occlusion itself can also be used as an indicator. Urinary occult blood for many reasons, urine occult blood appears positive under normal circumstances to consider the problem of the kidney or urinary tract infection caused.

In the test results come out, the occult blood plagued some people, except for sports-based hematuria, drug-induced hematuria and other objective factors, we should also be related to the diagnosis to confirm, when excluding urinary tract infection, stones, tumors and other factors, should Consider the possibility of kidney disease. Kidney disease urinary occult blood should be how to treat?

When occult blood, it should be as soon as possible to the hospital for examination and treatment, can not be ignored, many patients with urinary occult blood is neglected in the initial treatment and thus delayed the disease.

In kidney disease, such as acute and chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis and other will appear occult blood, when a variety of pathological damage leading to impaired renal local microcirculation and kidney tissue ischemia, hypoxia, thereby releasing inflammatory mediators, start renal fibrosis The process. Local glomerular pathological changes occur at this time: mesangial cell proliferation, increased mesangial matrix, glomerular basement membrane changes, leading to charge barrier damage, increased renal permeability, which will appear urine occult blood and proteinuria.

With the occult blood leakage, kidney damage is further aggravated, and glomerular gradually progress to fibrosis, hardening stage. Clinically, we should take systematic and targeted treatment, timely blocking the process of renal fibrosis, to avoid the gradual reduction of renal function units leading to renal failure.

For the treatment of occult blood, can not simply look at the laboratory indicators, but to fundamentally for the treatment of the symptoms and cure, we should focus on the repair of damaged kidney tissue, improve renal microcirculation and renal fibrosis, blocking the process, from the fundamental treatment , In addition, diet can be used to assist conditioning, make it faster recovery.

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