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What does the patients with albuminuria have done?

2017-12-15 16:29

The leakage of protein indicates that the renal tubule is damaged, accelerating the decline of renal function, and seriously affecting the prognosis of renal failure. There are mainly three steps to reduce protein.

Use hormone: a lot of nephritis of hormone of love and hate, love is because it has a certain help to protein negative, hate is because of side effects significantly. The effect of the hormone is to eliminate inflammation, reduce renal cell permeability, which is the gap closed, forced not to let leakage of protein, protein function to temporarily disappear.

What does the patients with albuminuria have done?

The traditional Chinese medicine treatment: in the case of leakage of protein hormones during the period can be temporarily stopped, but once stopped, and protein leakage, repeatedly, will aggravate the illness. So this time we need TCM treatment. Immune complexes and metabolic waste using traditional acupuncture or medicine method in serving hormones during clear body, protection the renal function, eliminate the leakage protection. Protein again may no longer kidney damage, protein negative after will not be repeated.

Stick to a low protein diet, high quality protein: protein due to continuous leakage, in order to ensure the normal activities of the body, we need to add protein, but the protein will be filtered out, this time in order to reduce the damage of kidney. Renal injury, in order to maintain the normal operation of the body, we will take high-quality, low protein at the same time should also pay attention to diet. Low sodium less oil.

But some patients will appear regardless of how the use of hormones, protein that delays in overcast conditions, it is intractable proteinuria. In view of the persistent proteinuria, patients need to consider three factors: the first is to do a low salt diet, second whether blood pressure control properly, the third is the rational use of drugs.

If the kidney patients also have hypertension. It is recommended that the use of perindopril and losartan medicine in the choice of drugs, these two types of drugs is not only long-acting antihypertensive drugs is very good, but also can reduce urinary protein, protect renal function. It also has high blood pressure and proteinuria in patients is a good choice.


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