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How does kidney disease patients improve blood lipid abnorma

2017-12-13 15:48

In patients with chronic kidney disease often associated with hyperlipidemia, hyperlipidemia can aggravate glomerulosclerosis, not conducive to the treatment of kidney disease, which is an important factor in cardiovascular disease. Studies have reported that patients with nephrotic syndrome, the incidence of high blood cholesterol in 70%. Dyslipidemia in a certain sense is a disease of life the way, the mechanism not only genetic and congenital, acquired diet and lifestyle also played an important role.

How does kidney disease patients improve blood lipid abnormalities?

In order to improve the abnormal blood lipid, we can start from the following aspects:

Restricting food intake of cholesterol: decreasing LDL and total cholesterol is the key to prevent atherosclerosis. Although cholesterol is not all from food, restricting cholesterol intake is necessary for reducing hypercholesterolemia.

The changes of lifestyle: first need to quit alcohol limit, smoking can inhibit lipoprotein lipase activity to elevated triglycerides, high density lipoprotein cholesterol can damage endothelial cell function caused by artery spasm. Moderate alcohol consumption, especially Wine, for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis may be beneficial to every day, not more than 100g Wine..

Select the appropriate physical exercise, for overweight and obese, in addition to diet, physical exercise is to lose weight effective measures. Suggestions of physical exercise with low intensity of rhythmic, repetitive aerobic exercise, such as walking, swimming, cycling or gymnastics, such as walking 30 minutes every day, distance for the 3000 meters.

Regular use of statins: the most commonly used cholesterol lowering drugs for statins, atorvastatin for hyperlipidemia in LDL reduction effect is the best, while LDL is caused by atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease is the most important factor. If you are involved in patients with hyperlipidemia, please guide under the regular use of statins in the doctor.

Found dyslipidemia, taking health care food for regulating blood fat is not advocated. Health food not only auxiliary medicine, certain intervention effect on blood lipid, which means that no matter how to eat up to the lipid-lowering efficacy. And some unscrupulous manufacturers in order to achieve a certain effect, add prohibited drugs in health food the patient, taking blind will cause damage to the liver and kidney.


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