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Introduction of acute renal failure

2016-12-31 13:50
Acute renal failure is a multiple etiology of clinical syndrome, the following is we ask kidney experts to introduce the causes of acute renal failure and diet considerations.
What are the causes of acute renal failure?
1 trauma: severe trauma such as crush injury, burns, trauma shock, trauma infection can be timely treatment. As a result, figures for acute kidney failure in death statistics have dropped considerably.
2 cytoplasmic poisoning: barbiturate acute poisoning can rapidly shock, no urine, pulmonary edema and death. Carbon tetrachloride poisoning, sometimes cause acute tubular necrosis at the same time occur extensive liver damage, and even acute yellow atrophy of liver; acute renal failure, although successful rescue, patients can die of liver failure.
3: the infection of biliary tract or gastrointestinal surgery, some resistant to antibiotics of bacteria often cause septicemia or attenuated hemorrhagic shock; acute pyelonephritis, severe renal papillary necrosis, which can lead to acute renal failure, often difficult to effectively treat.
4 other organs of the original disease: such as acute myocardial infarction, acute pancreatitis, abdominal visceral perforation, can lead to renal failure. If active and effective treatment of renal failure, patients can not die of uremia, but can die of severe primary disease.
What are the principles of acute renal failure?
1, less urine treatment. This period of treatment is focused on the regulation of water, electrolyte and acid-base balance, supply of adequate nutrition, protein intake, high quality animal protein supplement high prices; early prevention of hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, to reduce the acute renal failure, infection, hemorrhage, coma and other complications, but should grasp the indications for dialysis.
2, polyuria treatment, the focus of this period of treatment is still to maintain water, electrolyte acid-base balance, control of nitrogen and blood stasis, in particular, should pay attention to dehydration and hypokalemia. Can not get up patients, should pay attention to the lungs and urinary tract infection, strict selection of the least toxic antibiotics. Water and diet control can gradually relax, the patient can gradually return to normal diet.
3, active treatment of the original disease. A variety of acute renal failure caused by the original disease, such as severe trauma, severe infections, should be actively and effectively treated, in particular, should deal with inadequate blood volume, shock and removal of necrotic tissue, etc.. This is also the treatment of acute renal failure.
4, recovery period. The recovery period, generally without the need for special treatment, mainly according to different conditions of patients, and gradually restore activity to strengthen health. Regular follow-up of renal function, avoid the use of nephrotoxic drugs, etc..
What are the dietary precautions for acute renal failure?
1, according to the situation, reasonable nutrition metabolism provides the degree of renal damage, dialysis, for high catabolism, glomerular filtration rate or higher dialysis, tend to give adequate nutrients, so as far as possible to reduce dialysis treatment.
2, priority diet treatment, if the patient intake is insufficient, can manage to provide enteral nutrition, gastrointestinal dysfunction given parenteral nutrition support
3, the diet should be high-quality animal protein, such as meat, egg and fish, can also eat low salt foods in moderation, if there is edema or hypertension, salt must be controlled, but also drink less.
4, strict detection of water and electrolyte balance, especially in the oliguria period should follow the amount out, rather than less multi principles. Daily fluid intake equal to urine volume plus 400ml. Supplement calcium, sodium, phosphorus and other electrolytes by demand.
On the treatment of acute renal failure problems for you to introduce here, the occurrence of acute renal failure to early inspection and treatment, so as not to miss the opportunity to treat.
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