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Why can hormone treat kidney disease?

2017-11-19 17:28

Glucocorticoids are a group of hormones that are synthesized and secreted by the adrenal cortex, which is characterized by a typical sterol structure with 21 carbon atoms, represented by cortisol. Normal human body cortisol secretion of about 20 mg per day, from the hypothalamus pituitary axis through adrenocorticotropic hormone control, with 24 hours of biological rhythm, plasma concentration is the lowest in the morning, followed by elevated blood concentration, the highest concentration of blood around 8 a.m..

Hormone treatment of kidney disease mainly because of its incomparable strong anti-inflammatory effect and immunosuppressive effect of other drugs.

The anti-inflammatory effect is manifested by the nonspecific inhibition of adrenocortical hormone on various stages of inflammation and inflammation. Early inflammation can promote vasoconstriction of match inflammatory sites, decrease capillary permeability, exudation, congestion and swelling; at the later stage of inflammation, it can inhibit fibroblast proliferation and granulation tissue formation, and reduce adhesion and scar formation of inflammatory sites.

Immunosuppressive effect in reducing the deposition of immune complexes can reduce the accumulation of mesangial cell proliferation and extracellular matrix in glomerular basement membrane and hardening, time delay glomerular, so as to reduce the renal pathological damage, delaying the process of renal failure.

Glucocorticoids are widely and complex, and vary with dose. At low doses, glucocorticoids regulate transcription and protein expression of related genes mainly through binding to their receptors. Slow onset. When administered at large doses, it can play a role by binding to the non receptor effect of the glucocorticoid receptor, the biochemical effect after binding to the membrane receptor and binding to the low affinity receptor.

Why can hormone treat kidney disease

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