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Self management of pruritus in patients with kidney disease

2017-11-17 17:44

Keep skin clean, change clothes frequently, avoid skin trauma and infection. Chemical fiber clothing can cause static electricity with skin friction, should avoid wearing chemical fiber clothing, choose loose cotton clothing, buy underwear after cleaning, pay attention to wear.

Self management of pruritus in patients with kidney disease

Do your nails and wash your hands frequently. Don't scratch your skin when you itch. Avoid skin damage and cause infection. Bath should be scientific, winter bath up to 2 times a week, to avoid the use of irritating bath liquid, usually rinse with water. Not because the skin dry skin and rub a long time in hot water, make the skin surface of the oil was washed repeatedly, causing the skin to become dry, more and more itching. After the bath, you can wipe the skin with lanolin or camphor lubricant to keep the skin moist.

To avoid ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet radiation is stronger, more harm to the skin, should pay attention to prevention. Reduce the time out, if you need to go out, you can wear sun hat, sunglasses, avoid strong light irradiation.

Severe itching at night before going to bed can be applied in traditional Chinese medicine concentrated decoction with acupoint massage, to relieve itching, and sleep, avoid the skin pressed for a long time, according to the condition of short time, many times, quantitative and periodic increase of activities to improve the blood circulation of the skin, no severe, excessive exercise, after sufficient rest.

Control emotions, pay attention to rest, maintain emotional stability. Uremic pruritus patients tend to be depressed, anxious, excitable, angry, and take part in recreational activities, such as playing chess, listening to music, chatting, watching TV, etc., in order to reduce the concern for itching. Eliminate and reduce anxiety, fear and pessimism, establish confidence to overcome the disease.

Pay attention to healthy diet. Due to the decline of renal function, it is easy to form parathyroid hormone secretion hyperfunction, make serum calcium low, serum phosphorus accumulation, so we should control the phosphorus intake in the diet, eat calcium drugs. Avoid high potassium foods such as soy sauce, pickles, canned food, strong tea and so on. Avoid high uric acid foods such as animal offal, seafood, dried fish, etc..

Due to the loss of nutrients, high calorie, high vitamin, high quality and low protein diet should be given. The intake of protein can be regulated according to the renal function, and the intake of sodium salt should be limited to the patients with hypertension. Avoid excessive consumption of dairy products, animal offal, seafood, beans and other high phosphorus foods.

Staple food should eat more roughage, can supplement B vitamins, has a protective effect on the skin, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, can ease the skin dry. Do not drink alcohol, coffee and other beverages, do not eat spicy, greasy products, to avoid over cooling and overheating.

Dialysis should be paid attention to solute clearance, reasonable arrangement of hemodialysis, hemofiltration and hemoperfusion.


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