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What should I do to treat diabetic nephropathy?

2017-09-21 15:50

Diabetic nephropathy has complex metabolic disorders, once developed into end-stage renal disease, treatment is often more difficult than any other kidney disease, so make sure to actively treat diabetic nephropathy. So, what should I do to treat diabetic nephropathy? The following is a introduction, for your reference.
Treatment of diabetic nephropathy should maintain a reasonable lifestyle. Reasonable lifestyle includes correct diet, exercise, quit smoking  and drinking, maintain ideal weight, which is conducive to slowing the progress of diabetic nephropathy, protect renal function.
In the diet, what should I do to treat diabetic nephropathy? Patients should ensure healthy eating habits. The daily intake of the total calories should make the patient to maintain the ideal weight; salt should be controlled in 2 to 2.4 grams every day; long-term exercise can slow down the incidence and development of diabetes and diabetic nephropathy. Specific exercise program can consult the relevant professionals; quit smoking and drinking is an important measure to control the progress of diabetic nephropathy.
Treatment of diabetic nephropathy need to control blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids to meet the standard. Many patients eat a lot of drugs, but have a lot of complications of diabetes, the important reason is that control is not qualified. Blood pressure standard is 130 / 80mmHg.
What should I do to treat diabetic nephropathy? The above is a detailed introduction, I believe we have a certain understanding, we hope to help you. Our hospital focused on the early symptoms of nephrotic treatment, and achieved effective results, so that patients can receive curative effect.

What should I do to treat diabetic nephropathy

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