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How does the treatment of renal hypertension?

2017-08-16 18:18
Renal hypertension including renal hypertension and renal vascular hypertension, all kinds of kidney diseases caused by hypertension and its effects on chance lesion of glomerular function caused by renal ischemia is related to the degree of. So, hHow does the treatment of renal hypertension?
The treatment of renal hypertension is basically the same with the primary hypertension, renal hypertension may just need more kinds of antihypertensive drugs combined to achieve antihypertensive effect. If the function of the transplanted kidney is OK, it can be added with diuretics, which can enhance the effect of lowering blood pressure.
How does the treatment of renal hypertension? Renal hypertension patients must insist on taking antihypertensive drugs, can not just stop the drug. You should stick to your medicine even if you don't feel bad. Otherwise, it's dangerous. It's easy to cause a rebound in blood pressure after a random withdrawal and after a high blood pressure. In the process of rebound, some organs of the body will be unknowingly injured. In addition, patients with renal hypertension should also pay attention to low salt diet, the intake of sodium salt is helpful to the elevation of blood pressure, so the patient must pay attention to avoid excessive intake of sodium salt.
How does the treatment of renal hypertension? The above are described in detail. The treatment of renal hypertension, in addition to taking some antihypertensive drugs, should also pay attention to the low salt diet, both are indispensable.

 How does the treatment of renal hypertension

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