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What are the treatment method of proteinuria?

2017-08-07 17:40

There have three methods of treatment about proteinuria patients.Chinese medicine has good effect to treat the proteinuria,so the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to treat proteinuria in what ways?

Proteinuria can be caused by deficiency of kidney qi,can also be due to other viscera function disorder or interference caused by pathogenic factors, in which the kidney qi is not solid,protein subtle lost,leakage in urine excreted in vitro is the main pathogenesis.The clinical manifestations of cold and heat syndromes, long duration,long course and protracted illness and difficult of cure.Treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis proteinuria should not only attach importance to 

kidney failure is the main contradiction,but also pay attention to identify the various causes of the loss of solid kidney, then treated according to these factors.Here are six common treatments:

Promoting diuresis and removing dampness

This law shall be applicable to the chronic nephritis in hot and humid or wet muddy, forced the essence to spill.Symptoms have prominent eyelid or whole body dropsy, chest tightness, less urine short red, yellow and greasy or white greasy tongue coating, pulse slip or sink string, urine protein quantity or delay is not the more, three optional stomach soup Out the astragalus membranaceus soup or clear the Libyan side to add and subtract.Commonly used medicine such as corn, Menispermaceae, cogongrass rhizome, coix seed, Atractylodes rhizome, Herba Pyrrosiae, Hedyotis diffusa, moneywort, gourd tea, shepherd's purse, thistle, Polyporus, Alisma etc..

Activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis

This law shall be applicable to the chronic nephritis blood stasis resistance Kidney gas loss of the card.Symptoms have

swarthy, skin petechiae (spot), low back pain such as thorn, fixed do not move, hematuria, dark purple tongue or petechiae, urinary protein Jiuzhibuyu, side Xuanyi Kidney Decoction.Commonly used medicine motherwort, Cortex Moutan, Salvia miltiorrhiza, safflower, red peony root, peach kernel, hawthorn, etc..
There have three methods of treatment about proteinuria patients.I hope that through our introduced above is helpful to you,the symptoms of kidney disease choose normal kidney disease hospital for treatment, wish you recover at an early date.

What are the treatment method of proteinuria

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