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How to treat kidney atrophy?

2017-08-02 16:47
Renal atrophy refers to various causes of nephron loss or renal blood supply, cause kidney size, a physiological function of reducing anatomical phenomenon, is common in a variety of acute and chronic end-stage renal disease, renal artery stenosis, renal dysplasia and other diseases. When suffer from kidney atrophy how to treat? The following is a detailed introduction.
In the case of unilateral renal atrophy, the kidneys of the affected side should be removed if necessary. The human body has two kidneys, and the removal of one does not affect the normal life of the human body. If bilateral kidney atrophy occurs, active treatment is needed.
How to treat kidney atrophy? The kidney is attacked by the outside, the inflammation occurs repeatedly, and the phenotype transformation of the kidney leads to the gradual development and progression of renal fibrosis, which leads to the damage of the renal parenchyma and the narrowing of the kidney. For the treatment of renal atrophy, the emphasis should be on how to prevent renal fibrosis. Thus it can repair the damaged kidney tissue, restore the renal function, prevent the progression of renal fibrosis, and block the effect of renal atrophy.
At the same time, patients with renal atrophy diet should pay attention to light diet, can help reduce the burden on the kidney and to eliminate or reduce its clinical symptoms. Kidney atrophy patients with malnutrition, and therefore in the diet should be adjusted to good, with eggs, milk, lean meat, fresh vegetables and other foods appropriate. As far as possible do not do strenuous exercise, can not be too tired, etc., can reduce the burden on the kidneys.
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How to treat kidney atrophy

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