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Can kidney disease be treated with antibiotics?

2017-08-02 16:37
Can kidney disease be treated with antibiotics? Most of the kidney diseases are related to the immune dysfunction of the human body, and the use of a large number of immunosuppressive agents, will lead to lower immunity of human body, which easily lead to infection, so patients need some antibiotics to treat.
Patients with kidney disease can use antibiotics to treat infections, but most antibiotics have nephrotoxicity and can severely damage renal function. As the patient's condition is different, the use of the dose is different, so the patient should adjust the dose according to the disease condition.
Kidney disease, especially renal insufficiency patients, because of the presence of abnormal drug excretion, if still in accordance with conventional doses of antibiotics, it will lead to drug accumulation in vivo, the incidence of drug side effects of these patients is relatively high, if the drug itself has renal toxicity, it will further damage the renal function, lead to aggravation of renal function. Therefore, we must take reasonable medication. The use of drugs, should consider the following factors:
Effect of kidney disease on the metabolism of antibiotics and excretion; the degree of renal toxicity of antibiotics; the severity of renal injury in patients; When the kidney function is incomplete, we need to adjust the medication plan and dialysis to remove the antibiotics. So patients should strictly follow the requirements of doctors to take antibiotics, to avoid taking improperly, causing damage to the kidneys.
Can kidney disease be treated with antibiotics? The above content tells us that kidney disease can use antibiotic treatment, but according to the patient's own situation, to determine the dose taken to avoid damage to the kidneys, further aggravate the condition. If you have any other questions, please consult our online doctor or leave us a message, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Can kidney disease be treated with antibiotics

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