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What is CRRT?

2017-07-09 17:39
CRRT is a relatively new and kind of special blood purification technology, called continuous renal replacement therapy. CRRT uses a long, continuous in vitro blood purification therapy that takes 24 hours or nearly 24 hours a day to replace damaged kidney function.
Blood purification is to lead the patient's blood to the body and by a purification device, remove some of the pathogenic substances to purify the blood to achieve the purpose of treatment of disease. It mainly includes hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, immunosorbent, peritoneal dialysis and so on. At present, blood purification therapy is not only used for the treatment of acute and chronic renal failure patients, it’s also been widely used in the emergency treatment of critically ill patients.
What does CRRT do?
CRRT is suitable for severe hyperkalemia (serum potassium> 6.5 mmol / L), water poisoning (heart failure caused by excessive load overload, severe hypertension or pulmonary edema), severe metabolic acidosis (blood pH <7.20, blood HUC3- <12mmol / L), uremia symptoms increased, serum BUN> 28.7mmol / L (80mg / dl) or creatinine> 442umol / L (6mg / dl) and so on.
In addition, the scope of treatment of CRRT has exceeded the field of kidney disease a lot, the recent development of artificial liver support system and severe heart failure, severe acute respiratory failure adjuvant treatment, as a variety of critical treatment of the most important support measures one.
CRRT workflow
First to establish vascular access in the patient, and more often use appropriate dual lumen catheter in the femoral vein, internal jugular vein, subclavian vein retention. Assuming a cavity as the arterial end, cited blood out, another cavity as the venous end, give back to the blood to the patient. And then the CRRT machine is ready, the pipeline with brine pre-washed, first lead patient's blood from the arterial end through the filter, in front of the filter or the back of the input side of the replacement liquid, while the waste tube is the same amount The effluent containing the toxins and the additional effluent. And then dialysis treatment "clean" blood go back to the patient. So again and again, constantly "clean" and purify the blood, to achieve therapeutic purposes.

What is CRRT

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