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Kidney just 17%-19% in job and creatinine level is 5.1, what

2017-07-04 17:08
The kidney is one of the most important organ of our body, kidney problems has great harm to our bodies, so we should pay much for kidney protection, if kidney has problems must be timely treatment. Kidney just 17%-19% in job and creatinine level is  5.1, what stage can do dialysis? How long will it last? For this question, the following is a detailed answer.
Usually we need to start dialysis at the fourth and fifth stages of chronic kidney disease. In fact, once the kidney function are below 15%, dialysis is needed. Dialysis is the function of the kidneys by artificial means. Dialysis can be pided into hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, these two dialysis methods each has its own advantages, choose a suitable method for their own illness, in order to better treatment, the body will recover faster.
Kidney just 17%-19% in job and creatinine level is  5.1, what stage can do dialysis? How long will it last? If you want to prolong life, in addition to choose their own dialysis methods, but also to do the nursing work after dialysis, treatment and care are indispensable. No matter which aspect is not done, it will affect the patient's condition. So what are the considerations for dialysis?
After dialysis, patients should maintain the appropriate amount of exercise, don't lie in bed all the time, should maintain adequate sleep, avoid excessive fatigue; in daily life,  must pay attention to their health, frequently change clothes, to avoid infection, leading to exacerbations; you should also maintain a pleasant mood, dialysis is very painful, and there are still some hair phenomenon, for the beauty of the girls, perhaps is not acceptable, so that the mood is low, is not conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease, so we must pay attention to regulate the patient's mood.
The above is only for reference, specifically what time to dialysis and what to notice after dialysis, also depends on the physician recommendations for different patients due to various reasons, treatment methods and precautions are not the same, should be symptomatic treatment.


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