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Are you right to treat kidney failure?

2016-12-26 16:25
The treatment of renal failure with the method of you? Will feel more and more serious symptoms of their renal failure, this is mainly because you may be incorrect, renal failure has many adverse symptoms, such as hypertension, heart failure, anemia, to
Give early detection and timely treatment.
Treatment of renal failure hypertension
Hypertension in patients with renal failure is no longer a minority, the preferred removal of excessive water, sodium retention therapy. Renal failure treatment should be appropriate to limit the intake of water, sodium, general daily sodium control at 1 grams or so, the liquid is added to the urine volume of 500 ml. No
Few cases of salt deprivation and diuresis can be improved, but most need to add antihypertensive drugs, mild hypertension can be diuretic, moderate use of furosemide. Ineffective calcium channel blockers such as heartburn and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors
Such as benazepril, or P receptor blockers. Renal failure severe hypertension with heart failure treatment, intravenous drip, should start from a small dose to 0.1 mg / min is appropriate, according to blood pressure, every 5-15 minutes increase dose. with
Control in 20/12 kPa (150/90 mm Hg) is appropriate, otherwise the filtration rate can be significantly decreased, can promote further deterioration of renal function, which occurs to oliguria.
Treatment of renal failure with heart failure
The treatment of renal failure caused by renal failure is similar to that of general heart failure, but the effect is often poor. The main treatment measures, limit the intake of water and sodium; use of diuretics, such as furosemide diuresis and acid sodium, can use furosemide intravenous injection
Shoot 80-100 mg, 2 times daily, the late effect is poor; vasodilator: vasodilator effect on reducing cardiac output amount of congestive heart failure and diuretics and digitalis is poor, especially in patients with hypertension were significantly better effect.
Treatment of anemia of renal failure
For patients with renal failure, severe anemia, a small number of times of transfusion of fresh blood to improve the symptoms of anemia, but blood transfusion on uremic patients is not a good thing, the patient's red blood cells is destroyed soon, and repeated transfusion increased liver
Chance of infection. In the treatment of chronic renal failure anemia, also include as little as possible blood tests, hemodialysis blood retention in the pipeline should be reduced to a minimum limit.
Through the above, for the treatment of renal failure methods you use? This question is not also want to reflect on what treatment is useful or not, and is serious or reduce it, the best is to self reflection.
A treatment for the cause, treatment can be better, can be conducive to the recovery of the disease, have a good attitude, to overcome the disease.
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