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How to treat acute renal failure?

2016-12-26 16:10
How to treat acute renal failure? Acute renal failure, acute kidney failure can cause the kidneys to suddenly stop functioning for one or more reasons. Generally speaking, there are three main reasons:
Toxic substances, immune responses to drugs, and infections, such as acute glomerulonephritis, can severely damage the kidneys to the point where they can fail;
Serious burn burn when the sudden drop in blood pressure, severe bleeding (such as trauma, or by pressing) is a great attack, will lead to blood disorders, and damaged the kidney; a final cause of urinary tract obstruction is the place, the urine flow suddenly and completely blocked.
Dysfunction caused by acute kidney failure makes your kidneys unable to produce urine, thus causing waste products to accumulate in the bloodstream. Your body's water can no longer effectively discharged, resulting in water phenomenon. Finally, under normal circumstances, the body's chemical concentration, which is regulated by the kidneys at any time, also produces a dangerous balance disorder.
Mild episodes of acute renal failure are common, but severe acute renal failure, such as acute renal failure caused by glomerulonephritis, is extremely rare.
What are the risks of acute renal failure? Acute renal failure is a potentially dangerous disease that depends on the severity of the underlying cause of kidney failure. Even with an artificial kidney machine for treatment, patients may not necessarily recover.
How should acute renal failure be treated? If you have acute renal failure, you are in urgent need of hospitalization, preferably admitted to a hospital with a special treatment unit for kidney disease. If the cause of acute renal failure is unknown, you may have to undergo a series of diagnostic tests including blood and urine sampling, intravenous renal biopsy and renal biopsy.
How is acute kidney failure treated? If acute renal failure is caused by severe bleeding or a heart attack, emergency treatment is usually required. Form of treatment. If the diagnostic examination shows the cause of acute renal failure is obstruction, you may need to undergo abdominal surgery to block the exclusion. If the cause of disease is kidney Zhao disease itself, even if the cause of renal failure caused by basic treatment success, but still continue to suffer kidney (this situation often happens,) treatment will be different.
For example, to take blood from the intravenous drip or plasma, or to add diuretics to increase urine volume, and other drugs that restore your kidneys to normal function. In some cases (for example, acute glomerulonephritis), use specific and effective drugs to treat. In other cases, the doctor may replace the function of your kidney with an artificial kidney machine until your kidney returns to normal. This treatment is dialysis method name. Dialysis is painless, but if you have an acute kidney failure, you may have to be hospitalized for a few weeks before your kidneys return to normal.
During your treatment, you may need a special diet with high fever and low protein, and no more than half a liter of liquid a day. This diet can reduce the workload of your kidneys (or artificial kidneys) to a minimum.
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