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Three types of renal ensembles in children

2017-06-08 16:30

Children with nephrotic syndrome is the process of renal fibrosis caused by a variety of reasons, resulting in a large number of glomerular capillary permeability increasing proteinuria clinical syndrome mainly is proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia, and different degrees of edema in children with nephrotic syndrome edema of lower extremity pitting oedema, if check the urine urine protein + + + to + + + +, blood >0, 1 g / kg, plasma albumin, blood cholesterol, <30 g / L, >5 7mmol/L.

The children before the onset often have a history of upper respiratory tract infection, mild edema manifested only in the morning, eyelid edema, severe systemic edema, dentability scrotal edema showed light, ascites and pleural effusion in children with severe edema, often fatigue, anorexia, mental fatigue, pale complexion and other symptoms of immune function in children with low, so often infection, if not timely treatment can be combined with hypovolemic shock, electrolyte disorder of vascular embolism, acute renal failure. Adrenal cortical hormone and Chinese and Western medicine can be combined treatment.

Classification of nephrotic syndrome in children:

(1) primary nephrosis: it is related to the dysfunction of immunity.

Simple nephrosis -- common type, 2~7 years old sees more. In addition to the symptoms of nephropathy, without microscopic examination, hematuria or high blood pressure, more than 90% of the renal biopsy is small lesion type.

Nephritic nephropathy is more common in children over --7 years of age. In addition to kidney disease symptoms, with microscopic hematuria, hypertension or renal biopsy, except small lesions, a proliferative variant, membranous proliferative and sclerosing.

(2) secondary renal disease: secondary to malaria, mosquito bites, lupus erythematosus, allergic purpura, metal or drug poisoning, etc..

(3) congenital nephrosis: rare, arising in infancy.

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