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Milk is the food for patients with nephrotic syndrome

2017-06-08 16:28

Patients with nephrotic syndrome should adopt a high quality low protein diet

Patients with nephrotic syndrome are often associated with gastrointestinal edema and ascites, affecting digestion and absorption. Suitable intake, digestible, light and semi liquid diet. When kidney disease, urine protein is lost in large quantity, and the body is in the state of protein malnutrition. By the end of 80s, we advocated the high protein diet (1, 2~1, 5 g /kg, d) in an attempt to alleviate the low protein white blood disease and a series of complications associated with it. But animal experiments and human kidney disease were confirmed: high protein diet, while the hepatic synthesis of albumin increased, but urinary protein excretion also increased, and is not conducive to the correction of hypoproteinemia, anti glomerular hyperperfusion, high pressure and high filtration speed, non inflammatory glomerular sclerosis. Limiting protein intake may slow down the development of chronic renal impairment. It is now advocated high-quality protein diet, daily weight of 0, 7~1, 0 grams per kilogram.

A bag of milk a day is essential!

Nephrotic syndrome, a plasma protein in the urine, human protein decreased in protein malnutrition, hypoalbuminemia to plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreased, resulting in edema stubborn Nanxiao body resistance, also decreased, so in the absence of renal failure, early should be given high quality (high protein diet from 1 to 1, 5g/kg*d), such as fish and meat etc.. This can help to alleviate hypoproteinemia and some complications associated with it. It is essential to drink a bag (250 ml) of milk per day.

About the content of high quality protein in milk total protein content of 80% essential amino acids, not only contains a complete and sufficient quantity, protein structure and is very close to the body, more conducive to nutrient absorption and utilization.

In addition to protein, other nutrients in milk are also very beneficial for patients with kidney disease. Chronic kidney failure patients often calcium and phosphorus imbalance in the body, while the milk calcium, phosphorus ratio is appropriate, to correct this disorder has a great effect.

Kidney intake is less protein, so it does not limit caloric intake too much. The fat content of milk is about 2% - 3, 2%, rich in energy, and easy digestion and absorption, suitable for renal syndrome patients, often drink can make the skin moist, relieve patients because the disease caused by dry skin, hair and other symptoms.

Milk contains carbohydrates for lactose, regulating gastric acid, promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestive gland secretion, but also promote the absorption of calcium. Milk lactose content is not high, only about 10 grams, so even diabetic nephropathy patients, you can also drink 1 bags of milk a day, without adding sugar can be, will not cause blood sugar fluctuations.

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