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Children call stomach pain, alert nephrotic syndrome

2017-06-08 16:21

4 and a half years old Miao Miao has always been a lively and sensible child, as a parent Wang, so do not bother to care for her daughter. Did not expect the seemingly insignificant "stomachache" has attracted a big problem. Originally, the real cause of Miao Miao kidney stomachache is out of the question, only the child's age is still small, with limited knowledge, when she was uncomfortable stomach caused nephropathy site, with a child's understanding, behoove is simply a stomach ache. Fortunately, due to the timely detection of illness, Miao Miao's condition was quickly brought under control.

In clinical treatment, a similar situation many, many children of nephropathy are at the start of the original "stomach ache", but more often, when treatment of stomach ache can not play a role, further examination found at the root of the disease: nephrotic syndrome. Mr. Zhang's son, Xiao Qiang, is a junior high school student who loves playing basketball. He suddenly suffers from severe stomach pain in a competition. He is sweating profusely, squatting on the ground, unable to speak, and accompanied by nausea and vomiting. When he was sent to the school clinic, the doctor thought it was appendicitis and was given transfusion treatment. The condition was relieved soon after the treatment. You will soon forget it in the back of the head, until Jack Bauer and continuous times appeared the problem, Xiaoqiang family had to pay attention to it, will take the children to the hospital for examination, the doctor asked in detail about the case, Mr. Zhang remembered that some symptoms of children always ignored: occasional eyelid edema diarrhea, vomiting, red urine, etc.. After the hospital's urine and blood tests, check the results coming out soon: Xiaoqiang suffering from nephritis nephropathy (a nephrotic syndrome), and is in a period of rapid development condition. In order to control the child's condition as soon as possible, Mr. Zhang chose a professional hospital for treatment of kidney son, after therapy and symptomatic treatment for nearly a month, Jack Bauer was released.

In fact, Miao Miao and Xiao Qiang are two representative types of children's disease, simple nephrotic syndrome and nephritic nephrosis, and these two types belong to nephrotic syndrome, and they are also the main types of children's nephrosis. Miao Miao belongs to the simple nephrotic syndrome, the kidney disease in general 2 7 years; Xiaoqiang belongs to nephritis nephropathy, this nephropathy general in 7 years. However, the two children are younger patients with mild condition, they have strong sensitivity to drugs, so the treatment effect is good, and the cure rate is high. After the treatment of hospital discharge, if you can always be reasonable nursed back to health, they can still be as healthy as normal people in the future, until the aging.

Generally speaking, this kind of nephropathy often has certain signs, as long as strengthening attention is not difficult to find. For simple nephrotic syndrome, edema is its initial sign. At first, most of the patients suffered from facial edema or swelling of the eyelids. For a long period of time, it gradually affected the whole body. In addition, there are signs of nephrotic edema, called pitting edema, if the disease has not been found out, the treatment of kidney disease has therefore been delayed, with the continuous development of the deterioration of the condition, will eventually involve the serous cavity, chest water, water, abdominal hydrocele and scrotal edema and evil disease, but also cause dyspnea, diarrhea or vomiting. The most important feature of these edema is repeated, and occasionally self - extinction, so often fail to attract attention of parents. Nephritis is also associated with edema, but not as simple as nephropathy, and sometimes not even noticeable. But the disease caused by hypoproteinemia will cause malnutrition and growth retardation, showed the thin hair, dry skin, prone to ulcers, fingers and toes pale, pale lips, pale white tongue fur and other symptoms, therefore, as long as the parents pay attention to children, you can still find traces of kidney disease. If you suspect that the child may have kidney problems, as long as do routine blood, urine routine, double kidney B ultrasound, kidney function examination can be.

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