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Advantages and disadvantages of each treatment for nephrotic

2017-06-08 16:18

1. hormone therapy

Commonly used prednisone, according to the type of disease, children's response to prednisone, such as 8 weeks, a short course of treatment, 4-6 months of the course of treatment and 9~12 months long course of treatment. The short course is used for newly treated simple nephrotic syndrome. The medium and long courses are used for retreatment of recurrent, simple nephrotic or nephritic nephropathy.

Efficacy: 1. Hormone sensitivity: 8 weeks after hormone treatment, urinary protein negative and edema subsided. Part II: hormone sensitive treatment within 8 weeks of edema, but urinary protein is still ten to twenty, with 8 weeks of the treatment of steroid resistant, proteinuria was more than twenty; the hormone dependence: the urine protein was negative after hormone therapy, but the withdrawal or reduction appears after the "+" above, re treatment or recovery the amount of urinary protein was negative for two times (with the exception of infection and other factors). The above urine change refers to the 3 routine urine routine examination results within 7~10 days.

2. immunosuppressive agents

When the hormone therapy is not good or the side effects are too large, the immunosuppressive agents can be used in combination. The commonly used vincristine, Tripterygium wilfordii, cyclic AMP, pyrazole, cyclosporine, A, etc..

3. diuretics

In cases where hormone therapy is sensitive, diuretics can be administered 7~10 days later without the use of diuretics. Severe edema may use diuretics, furosemide (Lasix) is usually used for intravenous administration, the best first infusion of low molecular dextran, often can produce a good diuretic effect.

4., the use of pure Chinese medicine prescription, good curative effect, and the treatment effect is stable, ideal, and without any side effects.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine and Western medicine treatment but each one has his good points, a variety of nephritis, nephrotic syndrome (syndrome), renal failure, uremia and other nephropathy without good methods, western medicine hormone and other drugs, the treatment effect is limited, the side effect is big, but not ideal but the cost is not low, repeated illness, only temporary pain. Long time, can cause many complications; disease dialysis method in the treatment of uremia, renal failure, kidney and other organs will gradually lead to long-term atrophy and failure; finally to kidney, and survival is limited. When it comes to kidney disease, many people may not agree with it, but as soon as it turns into kidney failure - uremia, it is no less harmful to humans than certain cancers. Kidney damage can occur at any age price range, common with acute nephritis, chronic nephritis, urinary tract infection, etc..

In the face of nephropathy demons, to today, at home and abroad for the understanding and medical nephropathy is not ideal, such as dialysis can only sustain life, and produce dependence and dialysis syndrome, the low success rate of renal transplant rejection, and is difficult to solve, hormone therapy, side effects, and easy to relapse in dialysis and kidney the cost of transplantation often makes many patients unbearable......

The side effects of steroids: 1, body fat; 2, can cause osteoporosis, causing necrosis of femoral head; 3, decreased body resistance, hyperglycemia, corticosteroid syndrome, peptic ulcer, electrolyte disturbance and so on.

Both hormones and immunosuppressive agents have certain effects on sexual function. Prolonged and high-dose use of corticosteroids such as prednisone can exacerbate sexual dysfunction. Almost all immune preparations can cause testicular atrophy, ovarian damage, leading to reduction or disappearance of spermatogenesis, loss of libido, impotence.

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