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Chinese medicine solution to set up a new banner of nephrotic syndrome

2017-06-08 16:17

Nephrotic syndrome, often due to exogenous six, or internal causes, so that the body dysfunction caused by gasification. The lesion in the lung, spleen, kidney, sanjiao. If the external pathogenic evils edema, and the pulmonary lesion began much duty. Therefore, the ancient people summed up the basic pathogenesis of swelling of the water as follows: it is marked in the lung, which is made in the spleen, which is in the kidney, and the spleen is the key to the pathogenesis of edema.

(1) cause of disease

1, wind evil outside attack

The lung is one of the main sources above, table, outside the fur, the most vulnerable to the outside invasion, once the cold or heat on the beam, while lung qi obstruction, can regulate the waterways, transfer of the bladder, so that the wind water resistance, Feng Shui to wrestle, flush skin, hair edema.

2, steeped in rheumatism

Rheumatism wrestle, dip caused by rheumatism, arthralgia if unceasingly, repeated exogenous, and dirty gas pump, injurytaste, transport and dereliction of duty, not shengqingjiangzhuo, gas water, water flooding on the skin, and edema. "As the source? Beriberi "cloud:" rheumatism card gas, from the foot into the inside, against dirty gas, base not scattered, so anxious heart abdominal distension." Swelling or swelling is swelling.

3, damp heat sores poison

The itching sores are fire, boil milk moth, scarlet rash, herpes, sepsis caused by body fluid gasification disorders, damp heat toxin filled triple burner, fluid storage, hair edema. Such as the economic side? Edema "cloud:" and young, blood becomes swollen with sores." Ming? Li Ting introduction to medicine "also pointed out:" Yang water and indigestion, or drink poisonous water, or sores caused by poison also."

4, Laojuan internal injuries

Or by sex, both consumption Qi and body fluid, involving the spleen and kidney, caused by spleen deficiency, uptake of nutrient substance dysfunction, dampness, kidney main water, water pan hair skin, edema.

5, qi stagnation and blood stasis

Water wet stop, stagnation of Qi, or prolonged illness, by gas and blood or liver qi, qi stagnation and blood stasis, can hurt kidney collateral. Kidney collateral stasis plug barrier, channel, opening and closing can be negative, water stop, the formation of edema.

(two) pathology

"Plain questions," said: "different meridians drink into the stomach, swim overflow essence, lose temper in the spleen, dispersing essence, up to the lung through water, lost water bladder, four fine cloth, five parallel." This is the normal metabolism of body fluid in the process of generalization, the metabolic process involving the lung, spleen, kidney and sanjiao. The lung, spleen, kidney three dirty Sanjiao channel function is feeble, unfavorable, transportation is inevitable stagnation, edema. Clinical onset nephrotic syndrome per capita has edema, oliguria, chills, fatigue, lusterless complexion, pale tongue and a series of Yang Syndrome, suggesting that the etiology of nephrotic syndrome is not due to Yang deficiency water wet temperature. The deficiency of Yang Qi in the body refers to the deficiency of Yang Qi in the lung, spleen and kidney. Kidney Yang plays a leading role in the whole course of the metabolism of body fluid, spleen of water transport, depends on the kidney yang warming and promote, and Su Fei on water liquid drop depends on Yang steaming collaboration, Tongli Sanjiao depends on the kidney yang transpiration gasification. Therefore, Zhang Jingyue said: "where the edema of the card, is the lung, spleen and kidney related disease, and cover water for Yin, so it is in the kidney; hydration in the gas, so its mark in the lung, water, fear of soil, so its system in the spleen."....... In part, the three viscera are somewhat different, but generally speaking, the disease is always caused by Yin, while the disease is all attributed to the kidney ("Jing Yue Quan Shu" and "swelling"). It is indicated that the disease of edema can not be controlled by the kidney yang deficiency.

Protein urine is one of the characteristics of nephrotic syndrome, nephrotic syndrome patients often to spleen and kidney qi deficiency, Qi long illness is also false; spleen deficiency, transport disorder, negative air machine, air does not rise, leakage of urine substances and urine protein, nutrient substance can not be on the wing and meet the white color Huang, spiritlessness weak. The deficiency of kidney qi, lost in hiding, not Gushe, produce urine protein can be induced by micro discharge. Before the loss of urine proteins are composed of subtle substances in the body, Chinese medicine is considered to constitute the basic material of the human body, but also the material basis for all kinds of functional activities of the body. "Fu Jing, who are the" ("Q, Shen", "true speech) Yang Qi, Yin forming (" Q, yin and yang to be as big "). Long term proteinuria reduces the amount of subtle substances and aggravates kidney yin deficiency. Therefore, the essence of nephrotic syndrome should be the deficiency of Yang and yin. Yin and yang deficiency is due to Yang, and Yin; in the body within the subtle substance part of the function and loss of body organs and body fluid lose moisten, will inevitably lead to more body Yang deficiency, yin and Yang is. If the delay worsens, it will inevitably lead to both yin and Yang deficiency. Water dampness is the most important pathological manifestation of nephrotic syndrome, and it is the result of the decline of Yang Qi in the body. "Q? Inverse tone "said:" the kidney of dirty water, main body fluid, kidney gasification disorders, disturbance of water metabolism, within water and wet hair for edema. "Dampness wins is Yang", water dampness is Yin evil, the most can hurt the Yang Qi, the water stops for a long time, and then further aggravate the kidney yang deficiency, Yang deficiency, it is more difficult to warm up, has become the water wet.

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