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How can Chinese medicine and Western medicine determine kidney health?

2017-06-06 10:52

Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is innate, is the possession of the dirty, in charge of human growth and development, reproductive reproduction and other physiological functions, scope and meaning is relatively wide, we often hear the "kidney" belongs to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine. Western medicine kidney concept is located on both sides of the spine, a pair of beans, fist-sized organs. Because the concept is different, the standard of kidney health is also different.

1, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, the following five criteria can explain your kidneys fairly healthy

Listening is clear. In the theory of Chinese medicine, the ear's auditory function and the kidney is closely related to the ups and downs, kidney good hearing like. Conversely, when there tinnitus, upset, hearing loss symptoms, you can consider the kidney yin deficiency.

Skin glamorous. Kidney good, in order to youth resident, anti-aging. Kidney is not good, people tend to look old, the skin will become dull, skin color will change, black eyes, bags under the eyes.

Hair black. Kidney essence, the Chinese hair, hair nutrition from the blood, but its vitality is still the kidney, kidney is not good, hair will be early white, loss of luster, and hair loss.

Strong bones. Chinese medicine, kidney bone, bone by nourishing nourishing, good kidney good bone. Renal decay will appear osteoporosis, back pain, and even teeth appear loose.

Good memory. Kidney essence also raised the brain. So the kidney may often appear often forget things, slow response and so on.

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