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Hypertension did not care about a year later found a kidney disease

2017-06-06 10:47

There is a young man to the hospital to see a doctor, black and thin, weak wind, he timidly said: "doctor, my legs swollen for a week, urine urine when there are a lot of foam children, but not hurt nor itch, feeling nothing "At that time his mother came in and said:" Doctor ah, my son is still a little high blood pressure, more than a year, that he quickly college entrance examination, the pressure is big, did not dare to give him medicine. In addition to the urine there are no other obvious symptoms of the bubble, the doctor said: "Although there is no obvious symptoms, but high blood pressure, leg swelling, urine bubble, may be nephrotic syndrome." Young man admitted to hospital, it really is kidney disease Levy

Clinical diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome must meet at least two indicators, one is 24 hours urine protein quantitative greater than 3.5 grams, one is less than 30 grams of plasma albumin per liter, these two indicators must be done to check the test to determine. In addition, there are two other diagnostic criteria is edema and elevated blood lipids. However, kidney disease is a very complex clinical disease, causing a lot of nephrotic syndrome, and find the cause of treatment of disease also need to conduct more in-depth examination and analysis.

Young man said there is high blood pressure, but little feeling did not, it has been no control. Results The mean blood pressure was 151/92 mm, with a high pressure of up to 184 mm and a low pressure of 82 mm. Such a high blood pressure in the clinical high risk, if sustained laissez-faire regardless of the words, it is likely to lead to heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage, chronic renal failure and the like.

Young man finally pathological examination of mild mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome is a better prognosis of a type, thanks to his timely medical treatment, the condition is not serious, carefully treated by the medical staff, the disease can be a smooth control The Now the young man can continue his "revolution" cause, and hope that his health, the college entrance examination can achieve good results.

Can not help but think of a word: the body is the capital of the revolution. And to remind you not to work too much, to pay attention to good health, work and rest.

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