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Do you have normal proteinuria without kidney disease?

2017-06-06 10:36

Normal urine contains trace protein (24 hours urine protein quantification <150mg), the general detection method can not be found, the test results were negative. Beyond this range can be detected, known as proteinuria. However, because the urine protein test is only a urine test results, susceptible to urine concentration and dilution of the impact, often can not accurately reflect the degree of proteinuria.

Physiological proteinuria common in high protein diet, the spirit of excitement, strenuous exercise, prolonged cold, pregnancy, etc., may appear temporary proteinuria, but the urine protein is generally not more than qualitative.

When the glomerular, renal tubular disease, such as the stage of nephritis, nephropathy and hypertensive renal artery sclerosis, proteinuria can occur; a variety of bacterial infections, such as pyelonephritis, kidney tuberculosis, sepsis, etc. can also occur Proteinuria; non-infectious diseases such as kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease, renal amyloidosis and shock, severe muscle damage, fever, jaundice, hyperthyroidism, hemolytic anemia and leukemia, but also proteinuria.

Hematuria, proteinuria, although it is to determine the severity of kidney disease and prognosis of the important indicators, but the value is important, more importantly, the disease can be really improved. As long as the condition is controlled, occult blood, urine protein values ​​will naturally come down. To really restore health, treatment is the most important. This requires patients to find their own way to completely cure kidney disease.

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