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Nephritis patients do not just eat recipe

2017-06-06 10:34

Nephritis patients do not just eat remedies, nephritis patients do not just eat "remedies" sickness for medical treatment, which is a long time treatment of patients with a mood. "Remedial treatment of serious illness" is also a patient care for a psychological sustenance.

★ nephritis patients do not just eat remedies so-called remedies have three cases

Some remedies are indeed long-term accumulation of experience, after years of practice, ancestors handed down from generation to generation, and some remedies really cure a lot of disease. But its mechanism of treatment, but also need to use modern medical knowledge and methods to be studied.

Some remedies of the drug is mainly on the "disease", rather than cure, such as the treatment of nephritis in the remedies of some of the drugs such as Gan Sui, Euphorbia, etc. by the method of swelling by water to achieve the purpose of swelling.

Some remedies and drugs are boasted to be able to "cure all diseases", in fact, are not any role in counterfeit drugs.

★ why can not just use the recipe?

1, not symptomatic

Some recipe others eat really effective, but not necessarily effective for you. Because there are many types of nephritis, various types of lesions are different, the severity of the disease is not the same, Chinese medicine is syndrome differentiation, according to different evidence, using different treatment. So the focus of the drug is not exactly the same. Such as Yin patients can not use a lot of yang yang medicine. Therefore, remedies if not symptomatic, not only invalid, but played the opposite role.

2, some drugs are toxic

Many recipe with a secret, some of which still do not know, some drugs have renal toxicity, if tempting application, not only can not cure the disease, but to increase kidney disease, leading to renal failure, uremia.

3, delay the condition

In the type of nephritis has not yet been determined before blindly remedies, even if the drug harmless, but also easy to adversely affect the disease, loss of early diagnosis and treatment of the time.

Nephritis patients do not just eat recipe In short, in the treatment of nephritis, do not own medication, eat remedies, so as to avoid kidney disease increased, the future treatment with difficulties. But also delayed the best healing and control of the disease period. "Long illness into good medicine", after all, only the patient has some experience on the disease, but the whole picture of the lack of a profound understanding of the disease. So the doctor under the guidance of a reasonable medication, in order to achieve the purpose of early rehabilitation.

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