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Therapeutic drugs for renal failure disease

2016-12-26 14:58
The occurrence of the disease in patients with renal renal failure affects health, this disease is a serious disease, once the recovery was not easy, this requires a long war to achieve the ideal effect, so it is necessary to understand the disease treatment of renal failure, the prevalence was timely and correct treatment measures, so we ask the experts to tell the drug nephropathy renal failure treatment method in the end what?
1 ease of mind can be treated.
Because the process of renal failure is the process of renal fibrosis deepening, so blocking renal fibrosis has become the main point of treatment. Extraction of active ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine and targeting kidney lesions micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy, through blood stasis eliminating action, prevent renal interstitial fibroblasts in a transformation to a large number of muscle fiber cells, and fiber breakage on cell lysis, has been transformed; at the same time through the role of vasodilator so, improving renal ischemia, hypoxia, kidney fibrosis continue to curb the source, so as to prevent the remaining 20% units to renal fibrosis.
2 good ways to treat renal failure key scientific and rational method
Condition has been to renal failure, many patients may choose to give up, that treatment of renal failure has no effective way, only quietly waiting for the advent of uremia. But through the inspection we learned of renal failure patients, although the glomerular filtration rate has dropped to 10~15 ml per minute, but there are still 20% healthy renal units, that is to say as long as the blocking condition continued to deteriorate, seize the root cause, some units do not protect residual renal damage, then renal failure can be blocked. Disease
3 good ways to treat kidney failure - don't let complications kill you.
By the end of the development of nephropathy, the number and type of symptoms appear, lethargy, headache, nausea and vomiting in a rush, the patient often pain, that is not far away from death, in fact, as long as the correct understanding of the causes of complications and positive control, and gradually recovered with renal function at the same time, complications will gradually ease and disappear.
Chronic renal failure patients with clinical symptoms, mostly associated with water, electrolytes and acid-base balance, as well as some of the toxins associated with uremia, at this time need to improve the internal environment disorder, regulate renal imbalance. As some active substances in traditional Chinese medicine micro of recombinant human erythropoietin, through the treatment of renal anemia; a vasodilator existence of bioactive compounds in traditional Chinese medicine, but also into the kidney, the blood vessel has a degree of relaxation, relieve renal hypertension; also can correct acidosis. Through the treatment of the system, the role of active substances in traditional Chinese medicine play a role in the relief of symptoms, creating a more favorable environment for the repair of the kidney, to the kidney repair benefits, restore kidney function.
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