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Common treatment options for renal failure

2016-12-26 14:52
Chronic renal failure patients, can cause lumbago, and this kind of disease, but also affect the cardiopulmonary function of patients, usually we must pay attention to traditional Chinese medicine nursing, avoid hypertension, edema, heart failure, should pay attention to diet and comprehensive, pay attention to emotional adjustment, which is more conducive to the treatment of the disease, the recovery of the disease. Expert treatment program for kidney failure experts.
Treatment plan
1: not only with the detoxification of drugs, because the drug detoxification directly whether western medicine or folk prescription, repeated use after the condition is not that simple use of the control effect is not good, then to makes the side effects of the drug increased significantly, not only was the lack of effective treatment, on the other hand, will increase the difficulty of treatment of disease, delay and miss the best treatment time.
2: for detoxification effect is not ideal patients, and then seek medical treatment if still pure detoxification treatment, is not wise. When faced with the use of drugs when clinical symptoms can not be effectively controlled, through clinical examination indexes of Scr, Bun to a more profound understanding of pathological injury of kidney disease exists and the fundamental contradiction prompted the progression of the disease.
3: according to the clinical Scr, Bun index, clinical use of detoxification medicine can temporarily help kidney patients discharging part of intestinal toxins, but because the fundamental not seize the disease, only to solve the surface phenomenon, it is impossible to make a breakthrough in the treatment of diseases, will continue to deteriorate. The existence of Scr and Bun is actually renal fibrosis
4: the fundamental contradiction in the development of the disease is the process of renal fibrosis has not been effectively controlled. The process of renal fibrosis mainly consists of three stages: kidney inflammation, renal fibrosis, renal scar formation during the formation period. Clinical nephropathy experts only three phase treatment at the same time, in order to fundamentally control the progress of the disease.
What is the prevention of acute renal failure.
A grain, the most healthy
With the improvement of living standards, the public diet close to high cholesterol, high protein, high sugar content, the highest state. People are more for some fried foods, cakes and other special preferences, I do not know this diet is more likely to lead to disease. Prevention of acute renal failure to eat three meals a day light based, eat some dietary fiber rich foods, no excessive intake of protein. Director Yu Huimin stressed that the health of whole grains.
Two, water is the health of the
Less drinking water, less urinary excretion group high incidence of urethritis, hyperuricemia and other diseases. Water is the basis of health, adequate intake of water, can prevent kidney stones. Kidney stones can induce a series of renal dysfunction, leading to decline in renal function.
Three, not health check
Some kidney diseases are hereditary, such as congenital nephrotic syndrome, polycystic kidney disease, hereditary nephritis, etc.. Therefore, people with a family history of kidney disease should be regularly physical examination, early detection, early treatment. In addition, the incidence of chronic kidney disease hidden, the public should pay attention to physical examination, strengthen kidney disease prevention and health care, in order to avoid the development of renal failure.
Four, pay attention to the change of urine
Urine is a direct response to renal function. The body's metabolic waste is filtered by the kidneys, forming urine excreted. Acute renal failure prevention and health care measures, attention should be paid to changes in urine, such as urine found in foam, indicating that may be urethral inflammation and a large number of phosphate excretion.
Pay attention to daily life, a lot of patients after the disease, can cause physical fatigue, back pain, and there will be completely bedridden, so we should pay attention to ventilation, to keep plenty of sunshine, but also to pay attention to rest, reduce disease, and pay attention to pay attention to hypertension, edema, pay attention to the occurrence of complications must be more pay attention to your behavior, pay attention to their eating habits.
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