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Nine Treatments for Diabetic Nephropathy

2017-05-27 11:24

Diabetic nephropathy is due to diabetes patients with poor blood glucose control, so that the kidney caused by a very large damage caused by, so for patients with diabetic nephropathy, in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy, diabetes, kidney disease should be considered in two ways , Let me introduce nine effective treatment of diabetic nephropathy.

First, the patient should control the body's high blood sugar

From diabetes should be actively controlled from high blood sugar, and must be strictly compliance. The better the blood sugar control, the lower the chance of suffering from diabetic nephropathy. Weight: fasting blood glucose; 6.1 mmol / l, postprandial blood glucose; 8.0 mmol / l, glycosylated hemoglobin; 6.5%.

Second, the patient should do a regular medical examination

Diabetic nephropathy is silent killer, early without any symptoms. So must adhere to regular physical examination, which in particular to check the urine microalbumin. Reminder: type 2 diabetes diagnosis should be done when the urine microalbumin screening. Type 1 diabetes onset after 5 years of screening. Where the initial screening did not find microalbuminuria, after each year should be a check

Third, the patient should control the body's high blood lipids

Low-density lipoprotein, cholesterol is a risk factor for the occurrence of proteinuria. So there are dyslipidemia, but also should be lipid-lowering treatment. SD = 1.5 mmol / liter, low density lipoprotein "; 2.6 mmol / liter, high density lipoprotein"; 1.1 mmol / liter, triglyceride "; 1.5 mmol / liter.

Fourth, patients should prevent high blood pressure

 Active control of high blood pressure, strict compliance. Less salt diet, appropriate exercise, active calcium. Have high blood pressure in the doctor under the guidance of insisting on taking antihypertensive drugs. 10g / day, blood pressure control in the "; 130/75 mm Hg; urine protein"; 1.0 g / day, blood pressure control in the "; 125/75 mm Hg;

Fifth, in the use of drug treatment, should pay attention to

In the event of microalbuminuria, with or without high blood pressure, should be under the guidance of a doctor taking angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers drugs. Not only can lower blood pressure, but also reduce urinary albumin, delay the progress of renal damage.

Sixth, in the course of treatment, should be a reasonable diet

Limiting protein intake is an important means to delay the progress of diabetic nephropathy, kidney disease should be based on the different stages of development to take different limits. A small salt diet can help control blood pressure and edema. Add iron, calcium, contribute to the recovery of the kidneys.

Seventh, patient friends should quit smoking

Smoking will slow down kidney function. Smoking has a much faster rate of renal failure in smokers than in non-smokers. Therefore, if you have smoking habits, from now on immediately quit.

Eighth, the patient should be the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection

Diabetic patients prone to urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection after the occurrence of regular antibiotic treatment, so as not to have damaged the original kidney "worse."

Ninth, dialysis and kidney transplantation

When the renal function failure, timely dialysis or successful kidney transplantation can make you regain a healthy life.

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