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2017-05-25 14:12

Strict control of blood glucose: the early stage of diabetes with insulin or subcutaneous injection of insulin to maintain blood glucose control strictlydiabetic, basically normal, can delay or even prevent the occurrence and development of diabetic nephropathy, reduce the increased glomerular filtration rate and improve the microalbuminuria.

Control hypertension: hypertension can promote the development of renal failure in patients, effective antihypertensive treatment can slow down the rate of glomerular filtration rate, and reduce the excretion of urinary albumin. Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors or angiotensin II receptor antagonists can be used as first choice drugs and often need to be combined with other antihypertensive agents. Other antihypertensive drugs such as calcium antagonists, diuretics, beta blockers, methyldopa and clonidine. The blood pressure of diabetic patients should be controlled below 130/80mmHg.

Limiting protein intake: an appropriate reduction in the amount of protein in the diet can reduce glomerular pressure, reduce high filtration and reduce proteinuria. While giving patients high protein diet will aggravate the glomerular histological lesions, kidney failure has already appeared, more should limit the protein perturbation, and should eat high protein containing essential amino acids.

Control of blood sugar and treatment of diabetic nephropathy. As for disease, we can avoid it in our life, it is better to prevent it from happening, otherwise it will cause a lot of complications.


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